Is Bloodborne worth playing in 2022?

The lovecraftian world of Bloodborne (Image via Bloodborne)
The lovecraftian world of Bloodborne (Image via Bloodborne)

Bloodborne is a game developed by From Software and was officially launched as a Playstation exclusive on 24 March 2015.

It is safe to say that it has been quite some time since the game hit stores. However, even in 2022, players cannot stop talking about it. This article will take a look at the features that keep Bloodborne unique and relevant.

Bloodborne is part of the Soulslike genre. However, it is very different from its predecessors. Soulslike games in general are known for their slow, steady, and challenging combat, where players rely on perfectly timed dodges to finish off bosses.

Bloodborne, on the other hand, offers something that continues to encapsulate players.

Bloodborne expanded the Soulslike genre and opened doors for future innovation

Bloodborne was heralded as a masterpiece when it was first released in 2015.

The game focuses a lot more on world building and lore when compared to Dark Souls or even Demon's Souls. Bloodborne explored the ideas of dreams and nightmares within its lore and a hunter's journey to put an end to it.


The context of the incidents within Bloodborne and the motives of the player's character are a lot deeper when compared to Dark Souls. Within Bloodborne, various lovecraftian ideas are explored in detail, and the game offers a more nuanced take on the dualities of good/bad and light/dark.

Secondly, the combat of Bloodborne is entirely new when compared to any other Soulslike games. This game does not incorporate the usual slow and drawn out combat of games in the genre.

The bosses in Bloodborne are fast, and there is very little scope for the player to breathe or hide. Players also do not have a shield in the game, which takes combat in a different direction from Demon's Souls are Dark Souls.


In Bloodborne, players have a gun which can stagger bosses when used appropriately. Therefore, the learning curve in Bloodborne is a lot steeper when compared to the other Soulslike games. It also requires a better reaction time and a deeper knowledge of the moveset of bosses.

Bloodborne is a game that innovates by altering the successful Dark Souls formula, and players will feel the difference the moment they step inside Yharnam.

Sekiro (another Soulslike game which relies on high speed combat) may have never existed if not for Bloodborne.

Even in 2022, Bloodborne is definitely worth playing. The game heralded the birth of a new era within the Soulslike genre, and its fast-paced combat and world building set it apart.