Is FIFA 23 present on PS Plus?

FIFA 23 is not on PS Plus (Images via EA Sports and Sony)
FIFA 23 is not on PS Plus (Images via EA Sports and Sony)

FIFA 23 is the latest flagship football simulation title from EA Sports. Since it is the final installment before the iconic franchise is rebranded as EA Sports FC, hype was higher than ever for the release of the game, culminating in the most successful release in the history of the series. However, with the game approaching the conclusion of its annual cycle, fans will be wondering if it is available in the PS Plus catalog.

PS Plus is Sony's subscription service for the PlayStation, providing their users with a plethora of benefits. Not only does this service facilitate online multiplayer gameplay, but it also features a wide gallery of free games. With FIFA 23 being the most successful football simulation experience in recent history, gamers have been eagerly awaiting its introduction to the PS Plus archive.

FIFA 23 is yet to be included in the PS Plus games catalog

Unfortunately for fans of the sport, FIFA 23 is not yet present on PS Plus. While the game has been subject to significant discounts over time, it is not available for free as part of Sony's online subscription service. However, EA themselves have added the title to their own subscription service, making the game free-to-play for EA Play subscribers.

What is EA Play?


Electronic Arts, popularly known as EA, is amongst the most prominent and successful game companies in the world. Their history with sports simulation titles has earned them fans around the globe, with FIFA 23 being the latest inclusion in their catalog.

EA Play is EA's subscription service that offers unique perks, rewards, and benefits for its members. Not only can gamers unlock boosts in the EA games of their choice, but they also gain access to various EA titles for free.

When will FIFA 23 arrive on PS Plus?


PS Plus is an integral part of every FIFA title, as it is a necessity for online gameplay. Those who do not possess access to PS Plus can't participate in online game modes like Seasons, Pro Clubs, and various sections of Ultimate Team. However, the game is not yet part of the official PS Plus games archive.

Rumors and speculations on social media have been hinting at its inclusion for several weeks, but there is yet to be any comprehensive indication of when this will happen. While it is almost a certainty that FIFA 23 will inevitably be part of PS Plus, the date of its addition is unknown.

PS Plus consists of three distinct tiers, with variations in the cost of purchase as well as the level of rewards on offer. Gamers are also unsure whether the game will be part of the Essential tier or if it will be limited to the Extra and Premium tiers.

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