Is there a fix for the Deathloop stuttering issue?

Stuttering seems to be an issue on PC versions of Deathloop (Image via Bethesda)
Stuttering seems to be an issue on PC versions of Deathloop (Image via Bethesda)

Deathloop has received some incredible scores so far, but stuttering reports may be holding the game back. Based on user reports and scores for Deathloop on PC especially, stuttering and other performance issues are major problems for the new release.

Bugs and performance issues in new releases are unfortunately commonplace at this point. However, there are still varying issues with new releases, and stuttering or crashing is certainly a bad example for Deathloop. In this writing, the Steam reviews for Deathloop are mixed with a 61% approval rate. It's a stark contrast to the perfect scores that gaming outlets have been giving out.

Can the stuttering be fixed on the PC version of the game? The answer is mixed. Arkane, the development studio behind Deathloop, has not commented on the situation. That means there is no confirmed fix coming to the game until further notice. Considering how many complaints there are with different PC setup, it's safe to assume that Arkane will need to fix the overall problem.

However, some players have claimed to have found a couple of methods to alleviate the stutter on Deathloop PC versions. The first method is to cap the framerate at 60. Most of the negative reviews detail framerate stuttering on high-end PCs, so capping it could solve that problem at the cost of lower frames.

Another method is to turn on vsync settings for Deathloop. That could mean activating it through graphics card settings if the situation calls for it. It's another option to fix stutters in Deathloop, but it's not guaranteed.

Does the stutter issue in Deathloop change the overall scores for the game?

While there are many mixed reviews for Deathloop on PC at the moment, most of them are performance-based. That means the reviews aren't necessarily misleading.

Deathloop has received many different perfect scores that praise the gameplay and the exploration within the game. Arkane is known for making some fantastic single-player first-person games, and this time is no different. It's also worth mentioning that major gaming outlets are among the perfect scores for the game.

With that said, there is no great excuse for the massive stuttering issues, and hopefully, it gets fixed soon. But the game itself is still a fantastic pick for any Arkane fan and will only get better with some hotfixes.

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