Redfall, a co-op vampire shooter from Arkane studios, announced as Xbox exclusive coming in summer 2022

Characters of Redfall, the new co-op vampire shooter from Arkane Studios (Image via Bethesda)
Characters of Redfall, the new co-op vampire shooter from Arkane Studios (Image via Bethesda)

Xbox Game Studios announced Redfall, a vampire shooter game currently in development in Arkane Studios. Arkane has previously made critically acclaimed and popular titles like Dishonored and Prey.

From Redfall’s trailer at E3 2021, it seems like this is Arkane’s attempt at creating a spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead 2. This particular niche has witnessed almost a revival with titles like Back 4 Blood and Anacrusis cropping up lately.

Redfall is an Xbox exclusive title, coming to Xbox Series X/S and PC in Summer 2022.

Redfall is Arkane Studio's upcoming co-op vampire shooter

The heavily-stylized trailer showcases the different characters and enemies of the brand-new game. It is a 4 player co-op experience where players will be facing off with vampires and other hordes of enemies.


The Redfall trailer shows playable characters using high-tech energy weapons. A small robot companion is also seen assisting the characters in the fight against the ghastly vampires.

Redfall is a big project Arkane is working on besides Deathloop, which is releasing on September 21st, 2021. While there was a rumor on Arkane working on a new Dishonored title, it seems like that’s not the case, at least in the near future.

Redfall will be coming day one on Xbox Game Pass, just like all the other Xbox Game Studios first party titles. The lineup for Xbox Game Pass seems quite alluring, with great upcoming games getting added in a regular manner over the next several months.

Arkane Studios has garnered a great reputation from video game fans by delivering back-to-back high quality titles like Prey and Dishonored. Deathloop has also been a highly anticipated title coming from them. Deathloop is releasing on PC and Playstation 5, as Bethesda had already signed the deal with Playstation regarding this title before Microsoft acquired them in a $7.5 billion deal in March 2021.

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