Is Football Manager Mobile 2024 an exclusive on Netflix Gaming? Exploring all news and rumors

Football Manager Mobile 2024
Football Manager 2024 Mobile is coming to Netflix (Image via Sports Interactive)

Sports Interactive has announced an exclusive partnership with Netflix for Football Manager Mobile 2024's release. Within the community of Football Manager enthusiasts, there has been a notable buzz surrounding potential developments in the future. The game development head announced a new set of mechanics that will be featured in Football Manager 2025, and the team wants to bring the Football Manager franchise to the commercial stage this year before 2024.

Previously, players could access the game by purchasing it on the Google Play Store or Apple Store, but now, it can be obtained by simply having a premium account on Netflix. The developers also announced that players will be able to transfer their Football Manager 2023 careers to any version of Football Manager 2024 on PC, console, mobile, and touch. Cross-platform play has been implemented smoothly, without requiring players to start over from scratch.

In this article, we will discuss the announcement of Football Manager 2024 Mobile coming exclusively to Netflix in detail.

Football Manager Mobile 2024 is coming to Netflix exclusively

Rumors have been circulating for months about Football Manager Mobile 2024, as the developer openly shared the game's development roadmap and the challenges faced by the franchise during the pandemic. On September 12, 2023, Sports Interactive released the first announcement trailer for Football Manager 2024, announcing that Netflix obtained the exclusive rights for the mobile version of the game.

The franchise will now be able to tap into the vast and diverse membership base of Netflix on a global scale. This, in turn, will pave the way for the upcoming game to gain more traction and attract a larger audience of avid players.

Downloading Football Manager Mobile 2024 through Netflix


Those with a Netflix membership can install the game through the Netflix mobile app when it releases in November. For Android users, the game icon will appear in a separate Games tab on the Netflix app, and on Apple devices, it will similarly appear in a dedicated Games row.

You can obtain FMM 2024 from both the Google Play Store and Apple Store. However, you will need to log in with your Netflix account to access the game. To do so, sign in on Netflix's loading screen. If you haven't already, you will automatically be prompted to. Additionally, the game requires a membership, so non-members will need to sign up for one to install the game.

Sports Interactive will release more updates regarding the new features and mechanics of Football Manager Mobile 2024 in the last week of October. You can follow Sportskeeda to get the latest FMM 24 updates.

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