Is Fortnite dying? #RipFortnite takes over Twitter after Epic Games cracks down on wager matches

#RipFortnite is trending after Epic cracked down on wager matches (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)
#RipFortnite is trending after Epic cracked down on wager matches (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)

Another day, another hashtag, #RipFortnite, is trending on Twitter after Epic Games' crackdown on wager matches and professional Fortnite player Cody "Clix" Conrod.

What began as a harmless wager against a 11-year-old Fortnite player escalated into a full-blow backlash from the publisher.

The developers contacted Clix and warned him of breaking the terms of service. After he took to Twitter to address the issue, #RipFortnite and "Is Fortnite Dying" began trending on the social media platform.

Clix has one of the most-viewed Twitch Fortnite channels to date. His broadcasts regularly feature wager matches, which are illegal according to Fornite's terms of service.

The wager matches are mostly apex players going up against each other in either Zones war or sweaty Box Fights for money. Some professional players even play against casual players from the community who are willing to pay big money to interact with these esports stars directly.

However, this latest fiasco caused quite a stir and set off yet another #RipFortnite and "Is Fortnite Dying" trend on social media. While Epic has set terms and conditions for wager matches, the Fortnite community is somewhat opinionated about the same.

What does the Fortnite community think about wager matches?

Despite the terms of service being loud and clear, wager matches seem to be the least of the concerns for most players.

In Fortnite Season 6, professionals and casual players alike are outraged that snipers have been vaulted, and more recently, Epic had even banned Sub Customs.

Many players want the Old Fortnite back, when times were simpler and the game had no stream snipers and sweats.

Sub customs were a subscriber-only way for fans to interact with their favorite content creators in-game. Despite this feature being much-loved by the community, just like wager matches, it was outlawed.

Many in the community believe that this move was simply to ensure that cash flow remains in the hands of Epic and that the company is getting greedy.

While most players agree that Epic is ruining the game, others believe that what Cody did was wrong and deserves a warning. They felt that the entire #Ripfortnite and "Is Fornite Dying" trends were uncalled for entirely.

Keeping Clix aside, Fortnite Season 6 has not been received well by most of the community. The crafting system feels incomplete, snipers were replaced with bows, and the game, in general, is filled with sweats.

It is possible that Epic may integrate paid features into the game, but for the moment, wager matches are off the table for good. Despite #Ripfortnite and "Is Fortnite Dying" continuing to trend on Twitter, the publisher is still minting those V-bucks day and night.

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Edited by Ravi Iyer