Is there a new Zombies map coming in Black Ops Cold War Season 1?

(Image Credit: Treyarch)
(Image Credit: Treyarch)
Daniel Wenerowicz

Black Ops Cold War may not be receiving a new Season 1 Zombies map, contrary to what many players believed before.

Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War was originally slated to launch next week on December 10. Before any information was given, fans assumed that content across the board would be dropped.

Of course, plenty of content for Multiplayer will be available such as new weapons and new maps to mess around with in game. However, after news of a delay on Season 1 to December 16, it appears that Zombies may not be receiving a new map after all.

No new map in Zombies in Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War?

(Image Credit: Treyarch)
(Image Credit: Treyarch)

After the delay of Season 1 was announced for Black Ops Cold War, Activision released a blog post that details most of what will be appearing in the new season. The blog post covers content coming to Warzone, new levels being added to Multiplayer, and new content to play in Multiplayer modes.

Zombies did have a mention within the blog post, but many Zombies fans are likely going to be disappointed with the information. The only mention it got was in passing that mentioned new Zombies modes being added to Season 1.

What those new Zombies modes are were unclear, but it was the only information provided.

This is some unfortunate news for Black Ops Cold War Zombies players, and there are likely a lot of unhappy users out there. Black Ops Cold War only launched with one Zombies map, which was Die Maschine. It's a great map with a lot of fun elements, but players objectively will get burnt out on a single map.

In past games, there are usually at least two maps for players to master before a new map would inevitably be released within a DLC pack. Black Ops 4 for example, released with three Zombies maps, which is obviously far more content than Black Ops Cold War currently has for Zombies.

Season 1 of Zombies may have additional challenges and equipment such as field upgrades, which would be at least something for players to use. However, it's hard to see a future where Black Ops Cold War Zombies players don't get burnt out on the map before Season 2, if there is no new content added.

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