Is PUBG Mobile Lite the best alternative to Free Fire in February 2021?

These are two of the most prominent titles in the esports industry (Image via Sportskeeda)
These are two of the most prominent titles in the esports industry (Image via Sportskeeda)

Free Fire and PUBG Mobile Lite are two eminent titles in the esports industry. Both have substantial player bases and are great to play on low-end devices.

Both these games run pretty well on such phones as they were specially designed for those. These titles provide a great gameplay experience and decent graphics quality.

However, people often compare them to see which is better. One of the most prominent questions among fans is: "Can PUBG Mobile Lite replace Free Fire?"

This article looks at several aspects of both games to find the answer.

Device requirements of both titles

PUBG Mobile Lite

Minimum system requirements

  • Download Size - 575 MB
  • Operating System - Android 4.1
  • RAM - 1 GB (Recommended - 2 GB)
  • Processor - Qualcomm Processor

Free Fire

Minimum system requirements

  • Download Size - 680 MB
  • Operating System - Android 4.0.3
  • RAM - 1 GB (Recommended - 2 GB)
  • Processor - Mediatek MT6737M quad-core

With the device requirement stated, this article looks at some in-game features that both games offer.

PUBG Mobile Lite or Free Fire?

As per the gameplay style, both games offer the same battle royale experience with almost the same match duration. However, they have different graphics and visualization approaches, along with different maps and game modes.



PUBG Mobile Lite is designed by Unreal Engine 4 and hence has undoubtedly great graphics and in-depth textures. Free Fire is a bit more cartoonish but has vibrant colors and 60 FPS frame rate options that are alluring to most players.

Gameplay modes, maps, and features


While comparing gameplay modes and maps, Free Fire has a better and more number of both. It offers a range of gameplay modes to players for diversified gameplay.

Free Fire also has some notable inclusions that make it unique and different from other titles, i.e., 'Characters' and 'Pets.' These features can be equipped in the game, and they have special powers that assist players on the ground.


From the statements above, it is pretty clear that though PUBG Mobile Lite offers a better graphic experience, it cannot replace Free Fire. PUBG Mobile Lite is a great option in general, but it does not come at par with Free Fire's unique features and its multiple gameplay modes.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the author's personal views, and every reader is free to have their own opinion.

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