Is the rumored EA fan-favorite revival a Dead Space reboot?

Dead Space Reboot - Is it happening (Image via EA)
Dead Space Reboot - Is it happening (Image via EA)

The anticipation for a Dead Space reboot has again gained momentum following Jeff Grubb’s tease mentioning EA Motive working on an "established IP." Grubb even mentioned in a subsequent stream that the game would be revealed on July 22nd at EA Play Live.

While this did not yet corroborate the game in question to be a Dead Space title, fans latched onto Grubb saying, "We're going to see it... if we're not dead first." However, Grubb playfully teased fans on Twitter, most of whom were aboard the Dead Space hype train.

Dead Space reboot is quite likely to be announced in EA Play Live

Motive Studios released Star Wars: Squadrons last year, following which they confirmed that it is working on "something pretty special," although it is not a Star Wars project. As far as recent news reports are concerned, EA Motive is now currently working on several new projects but has not announced what any of them are.

EA's Dead Space franchise has gone into indefinite hiatus since Dead Space 3’s release in 2013. The developers of the Dead Space franchise, Visceral Games, shut down in 2017. In 2018, Ben Wanat, the creative director of Dead Space, went public with Visceral’s ideas, some properly exciting, for a fourth game in the series. Unfortunately, Visceral never got the chance to turn them into reality.

The first two mainline games of the Dead Space franchise still enjoy a beloved status. Dead Space 3’s lukewarm reception was mainly due to the addition of co-op, which arguably botched the creepy sci-fi survival horror atmosphere of the game. The brunt of the fan dissatisfaction fell on EA since it was later discovered that adding the co-op functionality was EA’s decision.

However, in recent times, EA has started delivering on the big budget single player game front - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition being two of the notable examples. With this trend in mind, EA rebooting the Dead Space franchise seems increasingly likely.

EA Play Live 2021 is scheduled to take place on Thursday, July 22nd.

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