Is Rytec AMR the next best Sniper Rifle in COD Mobile?

Rytec AMR from Modern Warfare is coming to COD Mobile in Season 6 (Image via Call of Duty)
Rytec AMR from Modern Warfare is coming to COD Mobile in Season 6 (Image via Call of Duty)

COD Mobile is going to release two new weapons next season. MX9 SMG is coming out in the Season 6 Battle Pass, while the Rytec AMR Sniper rifle will be added to the Seasonal events. Players will have to grind a few challenges to unlock the sniper. However, the AMR will get a late release, so players will have to wait until the mid-season update for the new sniper to drop into COD Mobile.


Rytec AMR is a hot favorite in Modern Warfare and Warzone. This makes many wonder if it will become the next best sniper rifle inside COD Mobile. There is a lot of gameplay available from the test server, where some lucky players from the COD Mobile community had the chance to try out both the upcoming weapons.

COD Mobile to add Thermite Rounds to sniper rifles

The most dangerous part about this new sniper rifle is its ammunition attachment. Similar to the Kilo-Bolt marksman rifle, the Rytec AMR sniper rifle will also sport the Thermite Rounds on COD Mobile. For those who are unaware, Thermite Rounds fire live Thermites, which stick tothe body of the opponent and depletes health continuously.

Therefore, even a lower body or limb shot will bring down the health considerably. The upper body shots and headshots will get the opponent eliminated without any hindrance.

This might not seem like a problem as the Kilo-Bolt thermite rounds never made it to the game's meta. However, as a marksman rifle, Kilo-Bolt was never the best. The same cannot be said for AMR. With good mobility and quick ADS, this might be what the snipers in COD Mobile have been waiting for. After months of sliding around with the Locus and DL Q33, the Rytec will feel like a wholesome change. It also comes with a default scope of its own, allowing players to utilize 5 different attachments.


Add the Thermite rounds to this, and Season 6 might start to look a bit less fun for all those players who do not admire snipers in COD Mobile multiplayer. However, there is still some time left for the AMR to come in COD Mobile, so players will have to wait to find out.

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