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Is there skill-based matchmaking in COD: Warzone?

(Image Credit: Activision)
(Image Credit: Activision)
Modified 06 Nov 2020, 02:30 IST

Skill-based matchmaking in COD: Warzone has been a hot topic for debate, and it's still unclear whether or not there is SBMM in the Warzone mode.

Starting with Modern Warfare Multiplayer, we know that SBMM is very much alive and well in that section of the game. If players continue to do well in Multiplayer, then they will face better and better players until their lobbies are tuned to their skill level.

The same can already be said about Black Ops Cold War. Pro players and streamers alike have already been vocal about the clear SBMM in the recent Black Ops Cold War alpha. With this in mind, SBMM does officially exist in those parts of Call of Duty, but deciphering where it is in Warzone becomes more complicated.

Is there skill-based matchmaking in COD: Warzone?

There is no official answer on whether or not SBMM is in Warzone, especially when referring to the current build of the game. The original basis was that there was no SBMM in Warzone, unlike Multiplayer. That sentiment was based on a quote from Infinity Ward's Studio Head, Pat Kelly, in which he said, "there is no skill-based matchmaking in any large player count modes in Modern Warfare, and that will include Warzone." However, that quote was from March of this year, and Warzone was still incredibly young.

Since then, pro players and streamers have been adamant and very vocal about SBMM in Warzone. Some of those players include CouRageJD, Nadeshot, and JKap. They've tweeted about SBMM ruining their experiences in the game, and the trajectory the game could head in if SBMM isn't removed.

One analysis that began to change minds on SBMM being in Warzone was from TheXclusiveAce. In his video, he conducted his own study on SBMM in Warzone, and he explained how he got all his own data.

He used 4 different accounts at different skill levels and he played multiple matches on each. Xclusive would then go to COD tracker and average out the K/D and the score per minute of all the players he could in each match. The verdict was a clear use of SBMM. The below average account consistently faced players with the same skill level.


Yet another interesting tweet was posted from Michael Condrey back in March, in response to Nadeshot criticizing SBMM in Call of Duty. He replied to a tweet saying, "Ask ATVI. Never directed into COD from me."

So, even if Infinity Ward as a studio didn't want SBMM in Warzone, it's possible that the corporate side of the company, or Activision, forced an implementation of SBMM.

Most players are still convinced that Warzone has SBMM, and statistics show that it certainly exists to some degree. Whether or not Infinity Ward will tell the players for sure remains to be seen, but until then, assume your lobbies have similar skill ratings.

Published 06 Nov 2020, 02:30 IST
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