Is The Last of Us Part I worth the full $70 price tag on PS5?

Is the high pricing of The Last of Us Part I Remake justified? (Image via Sony)
Is the high pricing of The Last of Us Part I Remake justified? (Image via Sony)

Out of the many PlayStation exclusive games, The Last of Us is a unique title with flawless storytelling. The game earns its charm for being set in a post-apocalyptic world taken over by zombies.

Though the original game came out on Sony's PlayStation 3, the game has made an indelible mark and a remake is now on the way. With improved visuals and polished gameplay, The Last of Us Part I is set to release on September 2, 2022 on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

The game will also be coming to PC, but no release date has been provided as of yet. This feature article will specifically focus on how the game compares after improvements and whether it is worth its set price.

How does The Last of Us Part I PS5 release compare to earlier version?

There is no denying that The Last of Us Part I will undergo a drastic visual overhaul, as the game is being built from the ground up. All models, shaders, and color grading are also being redone to provide players with a more enriching experience.

According to reports, the game's level design will also see some drastic changes that will improve the gameplay. The developers of the surival-horror game also went back to recapture the original actors' motion rig to give more smooth animations.

In a recently revealed gameplay comparison of The Last of Us Part I, there are many noticeable changes that highlight how well the remake has been made.

The Boston Docks environment in TLOU Part 1 is one of the most notable places in the game. In the PS4 version of the game, every environmental feature is more stale, while the remake has a lot of added details overall.

Reflections and water effects are more realistic in the remake with improved haze and fog effects. Moreover, the lighting at this level has also changed slightly, making the remake feel more dramatic than the original one.


In the original game, the global illumination was quite impressive for its era. However, with technological advancements and the new release of PlayStation 5, games are ever so capable of producing more graphical data.

Looking at Joel in the same clip, the protagonist's model and equipment are already quite detailed. That did not stop the developers from improving on it, and a notable difference could be seen in the remake.

Joel's hairwork has been completely redone for The Last of Us Part I, and additional details have been added to his equipment. The folds and creases on his clothing are more detailed, and the lighting also interacts well with the character in the PS5 remake.


Despite the noticeably improved game, it is still a bit difficult to justify the pricepoint of the game. The remastered version of the game is available for $20 and does look great on the PS4. Spending more than triple the price for the remake of the game on PS5 is a bit concerning.

Gamers who prefer a more immersive environment should consider buying the remake without a second thought. However, others who just want to experience the story can simply buy the remastered version and get going.