5 PlayStation exclusives that should come to PC after Marvel's Spider-Man

Returnal was a breakout PlayStation game of 2021 (Image via Housemarque)
Returnal was a breakout PlayStation game of 2021 (Image via Housemarque)

In 2020, PlayStation surprised many with their decision to launch a few of their Sony exclusive games for the PC platform. With the launch of Horizon Zero Dawn for Microsoft Windows, this heralded a new era for PC gamers to finally enjoy games which had previously been off-limits for them.

This was followed by a number of releases in 2021, with the Nioh games, Days Gone, and Death Stranding soon being made available on PC. The last PlayStation exclusive to hit PC shelves was God of War in January 2022. The most recent announcement regarding an update to this trend came during the PlayStation State of Play event in June 2022, which revealed that the next two games coming to PC would be Marvel’s Spider-Man in August and Spider-Man: Miles Morales in Fall this year.

With more PlayStation games set to arrive on PC in the coming years, there are a few particular titles that PC players have been wanting to get for a while now. The article below will list out five such PlayStation exclusives that should arrive for PC after Marvel’s Spider-Man.

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Five games from PlayStation’s exclusive library which need a PC release

1) Bloodborne


Possibly the most sought-after PC port since 2015, Bloodborne is the singular Souls-game experience that was not made available to the larger PC audience. While Demon’s Souls is also a PlayStation exclusive, its gameplay mechanics are very similar to Dark Souls and Elden Ring, making it a bit redundant to have its PC port, at least before Bloodborne.

This video game has the most fast-paced combat of all the FromSoftware games, with a specific focus on aggression and generally moving away from the defensive styles of previous games. The unique rally mechanic, which restores lost health on quick retaliation, urges the player to go on the offensive and move in for close quarters combat.

Bloodborne also delivers a rather unique setting, featuring a Victorian aesthetic combined with horror elements. Specifically, it has heavy elements of Lovecraftian horror with various monsters and bosses generally being grotesque transformed beings, having taken on such indescribable forms by imbibing the blood of the old gods.

2) Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection


Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is already on its way to PCs sometime in 2022. This is great news for players already familiar with Nathan Drake’s story, but not so much for new players wanting to jump into the Uncharted game series. However, since the remaster of the first three games in the series already exists, it would only be logical to release them for PC as well.

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is a compilation of the first three games, remastered for the PlayStation 4, and released in 2015. With a release for PCs earlier than that of Uncharted 4, it would be a suitable opportunity for players to get familiar with the saga of Nathan Drake before immediately jumping into the last game.

Uncharted is the story of protagonist Nathan Drake, a treasure hunter and fortune seeker, who often gets into difficult situations with third parties looking to claim the same fortune that Drake is after. The franchise's gameplay mostly involves stealth, exploration, puzzle solving, shooting sections, and cinematic QTEs (quick time events).

3) Ghost of Tsushima


Developed by Sucker Punch Productions, Ghost of Tsushima is a historic tale set during the Kamakura period of Japan. As the Mongols invade Tsushima Island, protagonist Jin Sakai must take up arms to defend his homeland and fight off the invading army. The game was originally released for the PlayStation 4 in 2020, and later arrived for the PS5 in 2021.

Throughout the game, Jin must struggle with his honorable samurai code, as he must choose whether to face numerous enemies head-on or to strike from the shadows, picking off foes one by one. Thus, he must shrug off his samurai guise and take on the role of a dishonorable ghost.

Very much like an Assassin’s Creed game, but set in ancient Japan, this video game scratches a very specific itch for many gamers. But as a PlayStation exclusive, it was limited to how many people it could reach. A PC port has been in high demand since this game’s release, and will go on to please many players if one comes through.

4) Infamous series


One of the oldest games that has made PC players jealous of the PlayStation crowd is Infamous. Before a time when good superhero games existed, this series gave players a taste of how it would feel to be a super-powered individual running around in a metropolitan city.

The first game, released in 2009, told the story of Cole McGrath, who had powers based on electricity and could use them in combat for offensive and defensive purposes as well as during movement and world traversal. The game is set in Empire City, which is the in-game world version of New York City.

The first game was an immense success on the PlayStation 3, which led to three more games being released for the series. While Infamous 2 continued the story of Cole, Infamous Second Son and Infamous First Light introduced new protagonists with new powers. A remastered port starting with the first game would be a very welcome title for PC players.

5) Returnal


Returnal is a critically acclaimed game from 2021 that was developed by Housemarque and published by Sony. A third-person shooter game for the PlayStation 5, this roguelike shooter title took the video game community by storm. It lets players control protagonist Selene Vassos as she takes on alien creatures as well as infernal demons on the planet of Atropos.

With a psychological horror theme, Returnal features a time loop in which Selene is stuck after having landed on the alien planet. Using her onboard weaponry, as well as various abilities and skills found throughout the rest of the game, she must find a way to escape the loop and get back home.

For a new game that should get a PC release, Returnal is one of the best picks around with splendid-looking visuals and incredible sound design. For such a well-known game, with so many nominations and accolades, it’s almost a disservice to it that it is not available to a larger audience.

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