Is Tom Clancy's The Division Resurgence open world?

Official screenshot from the closed alpha of The Division Resurgence (Image via Ubisoft)
Official screenshot from the closed alpha of The Division Resurgence (Image via Ubisoft)

Ubisoft recently revealed the new entry in the Division series, The Division Resurgence. This latest offering comes as a surprise to many players due to the platform it will be released on.

Of course, with every new game release, some questions are bound to arise. The Division is one of the many Tom Clancy games modern gamers praise for its satisfying gunplay.

This series pairs common RPG elements with excellent third-person shooting gameplay to create an experience that users have come to love. However, the news of this release has surprised many.

So what do we know about The Division Resurgence so far? While lots of information is yet to be released, various details have surfaced alongside the title's announcement and can be viewed on the game's website. But what of the game's world? Will the game be open-world or mission-based?

What we know so far about The Division Resurgence

The game will be open world (Image via Ubisoft)
The game will be open world (Image via Ubisoft)

From the information on the website, we know what year the game will be released and what platforms the game will be released for. Given that Ubisoft stated that they are attempting to bring the whole Division experience with this new release, they also revealed details about the game's world, which will be open.

So far, Ubisoft has confirmed that this title will be available for all users in 2023. Given the game's recent announcement and the closed alpha tests being conducted, this leaves adequate time for the game to be released to the public in a playable state without the restriction of an unrealistic deadline.

As far as the potential platforms for the game go, this is where the title gets a bit controversial. The Division Resurgence has been confirmed to release on mobiles exclusively.

This means gamers on iOS and Android devices will be the only ones able to play it, which has understandably bummed out a few fans.


With the Division franchise exclusively on consoles and PC until Resurgence, many players were looking forward to playing it on their system. However, the announcement of this game coming exclusively to mobile has many concerned about its quality, especially after Diablo: Immortal.

As for the game's form of gameplay, Ubisoft has confirmed that The Division Resurgence will be entirely open-world and take place in New York City. Typically, it will be primarily mission-based, with loot and gear being given as rewards. Ubisoft has also confirmed an entirely new story will be present as well.

With the new information surrounding this latest entry in the Division series revealed, users have already begun to sign up for the closed alpha. Time will tell if this new entry in the beloved franchise lives up to the hype.

Although no speculation has arisen of the game being pay-to-win, it very well could be littered with microtransactions. Given Diablo: Immortal's microtransactions being tied to getting better loot, it is possible for The Division Resurgence to introduce a similar feature.

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