How to register for The Division Resurgence Alpha Test

A promotional image for The Division Resurgence (Image via Ubisoft)
A promotional image for The Division Resurgence (Image via Ubisoft)

Ubisoft has announced a free-to-play mobile game known as The Division Resurgence.

The title will take place in the same world as The Division and The Division 2. It will take players back to New York, the location of the first game in the franchise.

The game will deliver a true "The Division" experience, with third-person shooting mechanics and MMO features just like the main games.


Like many developers, Ubisoft opens testing phases to ensure their games are polished before a full release. The company is doing that with a Closed Alpha Test that players can apply for right now.

Steps to sign up for Closed Alpha of The Division Resurgence

The Division Resurgence takes the Ubisoft franchise to mobile devices (Image via Ubisoft)
The Division Resurgence takes the Ubisoft franchise to mobile devices (Image via Ubisoft)

The open-world shooter will put players right into the universe of The Division, but in the palm of their hands rather than on a PC or console. The announcement of the game has fans of the series very excited.

Those who want to give it a try before it becomes fully available can sign up for the Closed Alpha Test. There are no guarantees for a player to earn entry, but signing up will give them just as much of a chance as any other potential tester.

Here is how to sign up:

  • Head to the official website for The Division Resurgence.
  • Click the Register button to be automatically taken to the bottom of the page or manually scroll all the way down to the registration section.
  • Select either Android or iOS as the preferred platform.
  • Click the orange Register button after the platform has been chosen.
  • Create a Ubisoft account or sign in with an existing one, including the options to log in via Facebook, Xbox, PlayStation or Twitch.
  • Answer the yes or no questions that are provided. The first question asks if the user's mobile device is able to handle demanding games and complex requirements without any problem. Others ask if the user has played other mobile titles, like COD Mobile, PUBG or Genshin Impact. The final question asks users if they are comfortable providing feedback during the Closed Alpha Test.
  • Submit the registration after answering the question.

When players successfully sign up, they will receive an email stating as much. They can return to The Division Resurgence Closed Alpha registration at any time to change their platform between iOS or Android if need be.

If selected, players will receive another email from Ubisoft. Make sure to mark any emails from the developer as Not Spam and check the Junk folder to ensure they aren't missed.

The follow-up email will have players sign an NDA or non-disclosure agreement. The agreement states that anyone who participates in the test won't share any details regarding the game, including screenshots and videos.

Those who find out they have not been selected shouldn't worry. This is more than likely just the first of many tests that Ubisoft will conduct. Expect other Alpha or Beta tests in the future, especially ones that are open to the public.