Ubisoft announces closed alpha for The Division Resurgence mobile: How to participate, in-game footage, and more

Mobile gamers will now be able to experience the world of The Division (Image via Ubisoft)
Mobile gamers will now be able to experience the world of The Division (Image via Ubisoft)

With some big news about The Division Resurgence coming out on July 6, the Division franchise is crossing over into the realm of mobile gaming. Recent times have seen franchises like Diablo enter the mobile market, and this popular series is set to be the next big one. Moreover, players can currently register for a closed alpha, allowing them to experience Resurgence firsthand.


The Division Resurgence will be one of the many games that Ubisoft plans to offer, moving into the future. It all started with the first game of 2016, which made the IP an instant hit. It was followed by an equally successful sequel that players are still playing actively. And while there is news of games like The Division Heartland doing rounds, the latest information regarding Resurgence has surprised many.

The Division Resurgence coming to handheld devices, and players get to experience it early

The latest information comes from a tweet from the official handle of Ubisoft, as it showed footage from the game. That's not all, as the company has provided a link for interested parties to apply for the closed alpha.

To participate, players will have to click the link present in the tweet embedded below. Upon going to the website, they can register for the alpha for iOS and Android devices by creating or accessing their Ubisoft account. But registration doesn't guarantee an invitation, which is a requirement. And Ubisoft has declared that the invitations will start rolling out before the start of the first closed alpha.

Incidentally, those selected for the alpha of The Division Resurgence will have to sign an NDA. While the details aren't clear, the official website says they will be part of a private forum and Discord server. These will be the only place where they will be allowed to discuss the game.

Based on what's shown so far, it's unclear what the actual game will be. Some of the scenes in the footage are reminiscent of the first two games. However, it is certain that there will be limitations due to the hardware of the game.


That said, everyone will get the opportunity to register, but selection will be limited. Ubisoft has also informed that it will be rolling out the invites in batches, so players don't need to be disappointed if they don't hear back right away.

It will be interesting to see how the mobile adaptation will be and if The Division Resurgence will be able to live up to its name and fame.