"It'd be fun": MrBeast expresses interest in buying small city for charity

Mr Beast's next challenge could be the biggest, most expensive, yet! (Image via MrBeast/YouTube)
Mr Beast's next challenge could be the biggest, most expensive, yet! (Image via MrBeast/YouTube)
Daniel Wenerowicz

Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson has hinted that he may go further than before and buy everything within a small city.

The story began when MrBeast tweeted that he might make a "How To Be A YouTuber" video to make enough money for an expensive clip he wants to make. MrBeast is known for videos where he spends a ton of money to surprise people or fund challenges. He's purchased a ton of crazy things, and that raised some questions as to what a "really really expensive video" might be.

Casey Neistat replied to MrBeast's tweet and acknowledged that the latter has already bought plenty of exorbitant items in the past.

After Casey Neistat asked what really expensive could mean at this point, Mr Beast replied:

"It’d be fun to buy everything in a small city and then give it to charity."

That's something far more expensive and massive than MrBeast has purchased in the past and fits the "really really expensive" bill.

Reactions to MrBeast potentially buying everything in a small city

Of course, Twitter users had a field day with the response from MrBeast. It's not every day that someone says they want to buy an entire town to give it to charity. The most popular comment was from Karl Jacobs questioning MrBeast.

Users were quick to point out that the entire scenario is crazy and would certainly garner some attention. Those in the Twitter replies also quickly pointed out their ideas for where the small town should go.

One of the immediate suggestions was to give the small town to homeless people to live in, which would certainly be charity. Whether that would truly work is up for debate.

While many users gave their own ideas, plenty also questioned what exactly buying a small town entails. Does it include all of the land? Is it just the buildings and everything in them? It's hard to say what exactly that means, considering MrBeast didn't give out any info.


MrBeast typically builds up hype for his videos, though, and viewers will need to tune in to learn what it might all be. In the past, MrBeast has built up plenty of hype for his own challenge videos, and as always, plenty of viewers tune in to watch what happens.

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