"It felt like my body was trying to kill itself": Corpse Husband opens up on the worst years of his life

Corpse Husband recently recalled severe complications with his health
Corpse Husband recently recalled severe complications with his health

Corpse Husband recently opened up about one of the worst phases in his life, where due to severe health complications, it felt like his body was giving up on him.

The 23-year old YouTuber recently hosted his own Among Us lobby alongside the likes of prominent streamers such as Sykkuno, Valkyrae, Disguised Toast and more.

Throughout the course of the stream, he addressed a plethora of topics which ranged from his merchandise to his insane growth over the last year.

However, in what is sure to strike an emotional chord with his millions of fans, is a heartfelt recollection of his worst years, which made him all the more thankful for where he is today.

Corpse Husband speaks about his difficult journey so far


[Timestamp: 2:36]

In the clip above, Corpse Husband addresses his stupendous rise to stardom and how unprecedented and unexpected the entire year has been for him.

At one particular juncture, he speaks about a time when his chronic illness had become so severe that it had started to impair the most basic of movements:

"At a point a couple of years ago, I hadn't uploaded in months , i wasn't posting anything ...I, I couldn't lift a spoon to my mouth, I was losing money every month..."
" I dropped out of school when I was twelve so I don't have like a backup plan and it just literally just felt like my body was trying to kill itself "

Using this unfortunate phase as a point of comparison to his present life, Corpse Husband goes on to express gratitude to his fans across the globe, who have been like a rock in terms of their undying support for him.

While his health issues continue to persist till today, he reveals that things can certainly get better, as he hopes to inspire all those with chronic illnesses to never give up.

Despite having overcome so many obstacles, Corpse Husband is one of the most popular YouTubers today, who on the back of a landmark 2020, looks all set to conquer 2021 with his unmissable and wholesome persona.

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