"It was just an a**:" Fortnite pro, NRG Clix has this to say on his Twitch ban 

(Image via Sportskeeda)
(Image via Sportskeeda)
Nakul Ahuja
Modified 27 Feb 2021

An abrupt Twitch ban really disappointed Fortnite pro NRG Clix, as he spoke on the issue for the first time after getting unbanned by the Amazon-owned streaming platform.

Cody Conrod, better known as Clix, is an American gamer who makes a living by gaming and content creation.

Naturally, this takes up a lot of his time, but streaming for the Fortnite prodigy has also been very rewarding. His is one of the fastest-growing channels on the internet.

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Even though he is known for his unique play-style, he was in the news recently for receiving his third ban from Twitch, which essentially leads to a permaban.

However, that isn't how things went down. In a recent video, he thanked his fans for supporting him during his time of turmoil. He also stated that their constant support was the driving reason behind his unbanning.

“From the bottom of my heart, I do appreciate like, all the support. You guys went legitimately crazy on Twitter, like we had almost 70k likes every single tweet, we had number one trending for #freeclix. You guys got me unbanned.”

Soon, Clix teamed up with fellow NRG Esports player Ronaldo and confirmed that the NSFW picture he showed was the reason behind his Twitch ban. Be that as it may, he seemed to be having a good time, and he even joked about the issue while streaming Fortnite.

Clix revealed that he spent time off Fortnite

The last few months have been pretty rocky for content creators who regularly stream on Twitch. Several prominent streamers have been issued bans, and in most cases, the reason has been shrouded in mystery.

Fortnite pro, Clix faced a similar situation and was looking at a possible permaban on account of his third strike on the platform. However, hashtags like #freeclix trended #1 on Twitter, and it certainly helped the pro in regaining his channel.

Clix, while streaming Fortnite, revealed what he did in his time off from Twitch, and his statement is rather surprising.

“I’ve been exploring, like the world from the past two days. I’ve been banned and it’s been like exploring the outside. Because you know like, after Fortnite, I don’t go outside. I sit inside and don’t go outside, but I actually started going outside, and it actually is so beautiful.”

Clix is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining streamers on the scene right now. However, the DMCA guidelines and the issue of constant bans just reiterate that the Fortnite pro will have to be more careful and shouldn't take the guidelines for granted.

Published 27 Feb 2021
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