"It's just such a dumb idea": xQc and Sodapoppin denounce Twitch for its new "Boost" feature 

xQc and Sodapoppin lash out at Twitch for its new "Boost" feature (Image via ginx.tv)
xQc and Sodapoppin lash out at Twitch for its new "Boost" feature (Image via ginx.tv)

Several high-profile streamers, including Chance "Sodapoppin" Morris and Felix "xQc" Lengyel, voiced their opinion on Twitch's new "Boost" feature. It was leaked earlier today and is reportedly being tested on select channels.

This feature requires players to pay to recommend a streamer to other users. A similar feature was rolled out in December last year, but players could use Channel Points instead of actual money.

The new feature has been met with negative feedback, with xQc and Sodapoppin calling it the "worst idea ever."

Sodapoppin criticized the new feature while poking fun at Twitch's attempt to "boost smaller streamers."

According to the 27-year-old YouTuber, prominent content creators and channels will promote their content more quickly than smaller creators. In other words, the new feature is "pay to win." According to him, it will only benefit streamers who have already established themselves on the platform.

xQc calls out the "Boost" feature

Since its acquisition in 2014, Twitch has added many new elements to its interface. Several streamers have already shared their opinions on the feature, including one of the heavyweights on the platform.

xQc seemed pretty unimpressed with the idea. He said,

“It's quite possibly the dumbest s**t that I have ever had the displeasure of putting my eyes on.”

He went on to explain how the feature bypasses the need to create new and exciting content. Viewers could use their money to help a streamer rank regardless of the kind of content they create, which xQc finds absurd.

xQc concluded by saying:

"What people consume the most, not what the companies want most, what viewers want most is the organic content. People want to watch organic streams, what people make, what they can do. The problem is, if people start [boosting] they’ll bury that organic content under manufactured dogsh*t."

In other words, users will start defecting to other platforms for greener pastures as Twitch might no longer boast organic or original content. This will not only harm the smaller streamers but the entire ecosystem.

The Amazon-owned platform might roll out the new feature for select channels. However, with the discontent brewing in the community, the developers might have to reconsider their plan.

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