"It's just a lot of pain": Corpse Husband opens up on the struggles of dealing with chronic illness

Corpse Husband recently opened up about a plethora of topics (Image via JESPERISH/ Anthony Padilla/ YouTube)
Corpse Husband recently opened up about a plethora of topics (Image via JESPERISH/ Anthony Padilla/ YouTube)

In a recent interview with American YouTuber Anthony Padilla, Corpse Husband opened up about a plethora of topics that ranged from his struggle with chronic illness to his thoughts on a face reveal.

This marked the second appearance of the 23-year-old faceless sensation on Anthony Padilla's channel. He last made an appearance on the channel a year back in March 2020.

From revealing why his voice is so deep to addressing the persistent online hate that comes his way, Corpse Husband's interview with Anthony Padilla proved to be a rather engaging watch, replete with humor and poignant revelations.

Corpse Husband reveals he is still dealing with the fact that his illness is not curable


[Timestamp: 12:25]

In one of the most poignant segments from the interview, Corpse Husband opened up on the struggles he has to deal with on a daily basis, as a result of his crippling chronic illness:

"I'm a pretty pessimistic person as you know. I haven't felt like anything has been real for like a very long time. I'm mourning ever having ever a normal healthy functional life again. "

When asked about the symptoms he has to deal with, Corpse reveals:

"It's just a lot of pain. Having to change how I sit every two seconds so that my arm doesn't go numb. At my absolute worst I remember crawling to the door to get groceries and barely being able to do that. I tried to pour cereal and then when I went to lift the spoon to my mouth , I couldn't do it."

In addition to his chronic illness struggles, Corpse Husband also opened up on the relentless expectations of social media and the overwhelming negativity that often ends up taking a toll on his mental well-being.

In light of his heartfelt interview with Anthony Padilla, several fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on his situation:

From the stunning animation work done by digital artist JESPERISH to the hilarious shoutout to Bingus at the end, the Corpse Husband x Anthony Padilla interview seems to be a hit among fans across the globe.

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