James Charles gets ratioed by the Minecraft community, as Dream calls his bald look "hot"

Beauty vlogger James Charles recently went bald (Image via James Charles, Twitter)
Beauty vlogger James Charles recently went bald (Image via James Charles, Twitter)
Aryan Mehta

James Charles recently stunned the world over with his bald avatar. The 21-year-old beauty influencer was spotted by paparazzi sporting the new look where he quoted that he "wanted to try something new."

While fans were shell-shocked by James Charles' move, the Minecraft community jumped on the bandwagon, started by Dream's response to the beauty guru's new look.

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James Charles gets ratioed by the Minecraft community

For those out of the loop, the act of being ratioed on Twitter, according to Urban Dictionary, is:

"When a reply to a tweet gets more likes than the tweet it was replying to."

That is certainly what Dream accomplished when he replied to James Charles' tweet with the singular word "hot."

Not one to let the train die out, he tagged fellow Minecraft YouTuber GeorgeNotFound, who replied with a "?" that once again ratioed James Charles' original post.

Keeping the chain going, GeorgeNotFound proceeded to tag fellow Minecraft content creator Karl Jacobs in the exact same fashion.

The ridiculous tag train showed no intention of stopping as it continued from Karl Jacobs to Sapnap to Quackity to BadBoyHalo and beyond.

Finally, it was up to CallahanIsCool to put an end to the madness where he looped the thread all the way back to Dream.

The real star of James Charles' show seemed to be the Minecraft community that stole the spotlight from the internet icon.

Almost every reply ratioed James Charles' original post, which goes to show how popular and widespread the Minecraft community actually is.

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