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Joe Rogan worries about Parler shutdown, explains why it sets a dangerous precedent

Joe Rogan recently spoke about the shutdown of Parler
Joe Rogan recently spoke about the shutdown of Parler
Rishabh B.
Modified 16 Jan 2021

In episode #1594 of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, host Joe Rogan talked about the shutdown of social media platform Parler and explained why he thinks it sets a dangerous precedent.

Joe Rogan was speaking with a comedian about the growing trend of authoritarianism around the world, especially in context of China. Joe Rogan compared the situation with USA, and said that the recent shutdown of Parler can set a dangerous precedent.

Joe Rogan was of the opinion that authoritarianism often starts with minor decisions to control the kind of discourses that people do not agree with. He said that the shutdown of Parler is not wise, considering that only a small percentage of people were actually spreading hatred and lies. He used the example of the recent attack on the U.S. Capitol Hill Building.

Joe Rogan says only a small percentage of people were spreading hate on Parler

The shutdown of Parler came after several venders stopped providing support. The platform relied on this support and included giants like Amazon.


Amazon was sued by Parler when it withdrew its web support services after Google and Apple had removed the Parler app from their app stores. Speaking about the ease with which the companies have ended up forcing Parler to shutdown, Joe Rogan had this to say:

“Authoritarianism in this country, like, there are a lot of people that like it. They think silence is their opponent. Like, what’s going on right now with like Parler is being shut down. Everybody is like yeah good, they are spreading hate.

Rogan went on to list a number of reasons why Parler’s shutdown is bad for the future of the country.

“What percentage is spreading hate? What’s the numbers? And is this wise? That we shut down all discourse that you agree with? Like yeah, its not good if someone gets on there and they’re talking about violence against the government or violence against individuals or they’re spreading racist ideas. You’re right. That’s not good, but I don’t think the solution is to shut them down. The real problem is that it sets a weird precedent. The precedent where the people who are in power can decide that something is wrong speech. Something is bad, and you can eliminate it completely.”

Parler’s shutdown comes after various instances of the platform being used to spread hate and false claims were reported. The platform had become infamous for being preferred by conservatives, and came under fire in the wake of the Capitol Hill Building attack.

Published 16 Jan 2021, 00:49 IST
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