Johnny Somali's 5 most contentious IRL livestream moments

Johnny Somali has recently been arrested for his controversial behavior. (Image via Sportskeeda)
Johnny Somali has recently been arrested for his controversial behavior. (Image via Sportskeeda)

Ismael, who goes by the name of Johnny Somali, is a Kick streamer who has recently made the headlines for being disrespectful to citizens in Japan and causing disturbances in public spaces. His actions have sparked outrage among locals and online communities, leading to calls for him to be held accountable for his behavior.

Things came to a head when he and his cameraman were arrested in Japan for trespassing. The incident further fueled the public's anger towards Johnny Somali, as many saw his arrest as a long-awaited consequence for his reckless actions.

In this article, we explore five of his most contentious IRL livestream moments and explain what truly happened.

Johnny Somali's five most controversial moments explained

5) Punched and knocked out

From harassing women to making racist remarks, Ismael has become infamous for his disorderly conduct in Japan. As a result, he has been the subject of physical attacks from citizens who are fed up with his actions and have decided to take things into their own hands.

One such moment was when another American, annoyed at being bothered by Johnny Somali and his friend filming him, punched and knocked them out.

As shown in a video uploaded on X, the unidentified American punches both individuals. They then fall to the ground along with their cameras, much to the excitement of the broadcast's chat.

4) Getting choked by a random passerby


After being in the news for shouting racist and culturally insensitive references such as "Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Shinzo Abe" in front of crowds, the Japanese public's rising frustration towards Johnny Somali could be seen as he was the subject of yet another seemingly random attack.

While walking in the streets of Japan and talking to his audience, Johnny suddenly appeared to have an arm wrapped around his neck, choking him out as the camera fell. He can then be heard shouting and pleading with the attacker to calm down as the broadcast fades to black.

3) Harassing Twitch streamer Meowko

Meowko is a popular Japanese IRL streamer who regularly goes live on Twitch. She and Johnny Somali came across each other while streaming on September 10, 2023. Initially, she was confused about who Johnny was, but later recognized him. After a brief exchange, he informed her that he had been permanently banned from the platform.

For context, showcasing individuals who have been permanently banned is a violation of its terms of service, and this may lead to strikes and suspensions. Knowing this, he said:

"Get banned b*tch, get banned. You better walk away!"

After this exchange, Meowko was seen breaking down in front of her audience and expressing how all she wanted was to have a good stream with her audience.

2) Arrested for allegedly trespassing

In another one of his broadcasts, the Kick streamer could be seen wearing a mask, entering a restricted area, and filming people without consent. He was accompanied by another person who was filming the entire scene and streaming it on Kick.

After entering the building, he was noticed by one of the workers and asked to leave the site. Johnny Somali then starts shouting the culturally insensitive term "Fukushima" at the worker while being forced to leave the premises. Afterward, he was arrested for trespassing by the Japanese police.

1) Confronted by a Japanese woman's husband

During one of his broadcasts, Johnny Somali was approached by a man trying to identify him. Upon confirming his identity, the man stated how he was the husband of a Japanese woman and had a problem with his usage of the words "Hiroshima" and "Nagasaki".

The man stated how disrespectful it was to the victims' families and that it was no joking matter. He also warned the controversial Kick streamer, stating that he would "whoop his a**" if he ever repeated the act.

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