Johnny Somali gets knocked out on stream, and Kick account gets banned a day after pestering Twitch streamer Meowko

Johnny Somali banned from Kick a day after harassing Meowko (Image via Sportskeeda)
Johnny Somali banned from Kick a day after pestering Meowko (Image via Sportskeeda)

A day after pestering Twitch streamer Meowko, a clip of controversial Kick streamer Johnny Somali is going viral on social media. It shows him getting knocked out on camera following a scuffle on the streets in Japan. Furthermore, his Kick account seems to have been banned hours after the fight. It is unclear whether he has been penalized for his conduct with Meowko or the offensive remarks that resulted in him being attacked.

For context, on September 10, Johnny Somali approached the Twitch streamer and, after a brief interaction, informed her that he was banned on the platform. Showcasing permanently banned people on Twitch is a violation of its terms of service, which can result in suspensions and strikes. To this effect, he can be heard saying in the clip:

"Get banned b*tch, get banned. You better walk away, you better not show me on your stream or you will get banned."

After the incident, Meowko broke down on her stream and later posted on X (formerly Twitter) that she had to contact Twitch staff directly to avoid getting a ban. A rough translation of her post reads (translated from Japanese):

"I was able to avoid the ban because I responded quickly with the twitch staff."
Meowko's tweet following the incident (Image via X)
Meowko's tweet following the incident (Image via X)

Regardless, it appears that Johnny has received yet another ban from Kick, as trying to access his page displays a 404 error that is typical for the platform's suspensions.

Watch Kick streamers Johnny Somali and Jino get knocked out after pestering people on the streets

It appears Jino and Johnny were berating people on the streets at night, including hurling a number of offensive terms. After a point, a man seemed to have had enough and punched both the streamers, knocking their cameras down. The clip has gone viral on social media, with many on r/LivestreamFail applauding the person who stood up to Johnny Somali and Jino's antics.

Here are a couple of general reactions to the clip.

Readers should note that Johnny Somali has been criticized for antagonizing Japanese people. A clip of him instigating citizens on the subway by saying regressive things about the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombings garnered a lot of vitriol from the streaming community earlier this year.

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