Judy in Animal Crossing: Everything you need to know

Judy in Animal Crossing. Image via Twinfinite
Judy in Animal Crossing. Image via Twinfinite

Villagers in Animal Crossing have unique roles that they fill on an island. Sometimes that means an explicit role, like the art salesman Redd, and other times it just means that they bring something to the table, which all villagers do, even if it's not a store or a sale. Some of these villagers have roles that make them more desirable and others are not. Regardless, each villager does something or brings something to an island.

Judy is one of those villagers. Here is everything that Animal Crossing players need to know about the villager.

Judy in Animal Crossing

Judy is a snooty villager, meaning her personality type loves to gossip and do makeup. Though unconfirmed, it's possible she was named Judy after Judy Garland, given the personality and appearance. Unlike other villagers, she's not named after a pun based on her species or appearance, so it could be possible.

Judy in Animal Crossing. Image via DBLTAP
Judy in Animal Crossing. Image via DBLTAP

Being a snooty villager means that Judy will get along well with cranky and normal villagers. She will not, however, get along with lazy villagers (because they don't care about appearance) and jock villagers (because they're not really into fashion).

Judy's house will be creme colored with a green accent and a blue shingled roof. The interior is decorated with a series of wooden blocks and an old fashioned clock. She also has starry garland and starry walls.

Judy's house. Image via Pinterest
Judy's house. Image via Pinterest

Judy is a relatively new villager and doesn't have an amiibo card yet, which makes her a pretty rare addition to an island. There's a 1/393 chance of her showing up naturally as a villager to take the open land on Animal Crossing players' islands. Sometimes they'll show up even without the open land and can be convinced to stay. Traveling to mystery islands can also increase the chances of getting Judy on the island.

Getting Judy on an island can be a really great time for Animal Crossing players. She doesn't have a shop or sell things, but she's highly sought after and one of many fan favorite villagers.

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