Karl Jacobs slides into Corinna Kopf's DMs, leaves her impressed 

Image via Karl Jacobs & Corinna Kopf
Image via Karl Jacobs & Corinna Kopf

Karl Jacobs and Corrina Kopf's relationship seems to have taken another turn. Jacobs' recent message on sports seemed to have made an impression on Corinna Kopf, even if it was only a joke.

Karl Jacobs was holding a baseball bat and mitt in front of a screen projecting the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is a football event. Jacobs was clearly joking despite the "I love sports" caption.

This is funny, mostly because he does not look like a sports enthusiast. Karl Jacobs then sent Corinna Kopf a message about his tweet and asked her if she was impressed.

She replied that she was impressed.

Karl Jacobs fans love his humor and were also clearly impressed. They sent out tweets in praise of him.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the day that Karl Jacobs confirms his affections for Corinna Kopf. Corinna Kopf recently stated that Karl Jacobs has been ignoring her texts, possibly suggesting he may be playing hard to get.

One of the funny consequences of this strange relationship are the responses from Corinna Kopf's fans. They keep their hopes up and get crushed whenever Karl Jacobs comes around.

Hopefully, the two will break the tension soon and come to some understanding.

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Karl Jacobs plays on the idea that gamers don't know about sports

It is an ongoing joke that gamers don't know much about sports. This is a myth. Gaming is far more inclusive than it used to be and Karl Jacobs was making an attempt to bridge the gap.

Today, many popular video games are sports games, such as Madden, NBA 2K, and FIFA.

It looks like Karl Jacobs' effort to win Corrina Kopf's affections has worked out and it's great that he did it in his own quirky way.

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