Karl Jacobs wants to play Minecraft with Ariana Grande

Image via Karl Jacobs
Image via Karl Jacobs

Karl Jacobs asked Ariana Grande if she wanted to play Minecraft with him to celebrate her new engagement.

Ariana's recent engagement to Dalton Gomez has brought many well-wishers from all over, with Karl Jacobs being one of them. Karl is well known for being a Minecraft streamer, so him asking someone else about playing the game isn't far off, to the extent that even a few fans of Karl seem to be very positive about this exchange.

Karl has recently been on the watch on Twitter since Corinna Kopf sent an offer his way to play together in a very flirtatious tweet.

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Unlike that instance only a few days ago, it would appear that other fans of Karl are not as supportive of this as they were with Corinna. Most of the comments on Karl's tweet are particularly negative and try to sway Karl from thinking that anything could come from his tweet.

Looking through the comment histories, it is hard to find a tweet that encourages Carl's confidence; they are mostly relying on humor to show their feelings towards the situation.

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Karl Jacobs is joined by TommyInnit in the attention for Ariana

5 hours later, as if given confidence by Karl's brazen tweet, TommyInnit took to Twitter to also sent Arianna his own message.

While the tweet was clearly out of humor, Tommy took it to the next level by replying to the tweet 4 minutes later, further pushing the joke.

From there, it seemed like the attention died off of Tommy but gained with Karl. Whether Karl had the same mindset as Tommy, who sent the tweet as a joke, still remains unclear. What is clear though, is that Ariana has yet to respond to either Karl Jacobs or TommyInnit.

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