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KFC releasing new 'KFConsole' that can play games and heat chicken

Image via KFC Gaming
Image via KFC Gaming
Modified 23 Dec 2020, 11:35 IST

KFC announced a new console out of nowhere, called the "KFConsole," that can play games and heat chicken at the same time.

People may not have asked for it, but KFC showed off what is now its own console. In a tweet, the company claimed the "console wars are over" with the release of such a gadget. It's essentially a custom PC that was designed and put together by a company called Cooler Master.

Not only does the console play games at a very high level, but it's built to allow players to place chicken inside and warm it up while continuing to play. According to the release, the console can run 4k resolution, raytracing, 240 frames per second, and 240Hz.

Apparently, it comes fully equipped with gaming software and elements such as Virtual Reality. Inside the system is an Intel Nuc 9 processor, an unspecified AMD graphics card, and two SSDs labeled as Seagate Barracuda 1TB.

KFC console and Cooler Master

Image via KFC Gaming/Twitter
Image via KFC Gaming/Twitter

The KFConsole has an NC100 chassis that resembles a fryer or any other cooking ware. For anyone looking to get their hands on it, the gadget likely won't be out for a bit. No release date has been given for the KFConsole, but it's at the very least a high-quality build from Cooler Master.

Operating systems are also unspecified in the console, and how customizable it is will probably be revealed later. But it's safe to assume that apps such as battlenet or Steam will be available to make the experience more streamlined.


Much of the games industry noticed the advertisement on KFC Gaming's Twitter handle, and plenty of accounts commented. One of the most popular was from Xbox, who replied to the trailer on KFC Gaming's tweet:

"Please tell us you'll be making a game version of "A Recipe for Seduction."

This was followed by plenty of Colonel Sanders art.

Another famous reply was from the Fall Guys Twitter:

"Fall Guys coming to KFConsole 2022."

It may be a joke, but if the KFC console really does release, Fall Guys will undoubtedly be playable on the machine. Players will be able to have their jelly beans and their chicken!

One of the best responses was from KFC Gaming themselves. When a user said, "So... it's actually a PC?" the account replied with a simple: "What exactly do you think a PlayStation or an Xbox is."

If one thing is clear, the KFConsole is on top of their social media and certainly made some news.

Published 23 Dec 2020, 11:35 IST
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