League of Legends patch 11.7 preview introduces nerfs to Everfrost and Essence Reaver while buffing Trinity Force

Everfrost nerfs coming in League of Legends patch 11.7 (Image via Riot Games)
Everfrost nerfs coming in League of Legends patch 11.7 (Image via Riot Games)
Abhishek Mallick

League of Legends patch 11.7 will see quite a few item changes as Riot Games is looking to bring in some balance tweaks in the upcoming update.

After the introduction of the Mythic Items and the season 11 itemization overhaul, there has been a significant amount of power disparity in the game. While some items felt quite overpowering, there were some who were underwhelming ever since the new season went live.

In a recent tweet, League of Legends' gameplay design director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter previewed some of the item changes that the MOBA might be seeing with patch 11.7.

The focus of the patch this time around will be to nerf Everfrost and help make it more balanced for both pro-play and standard matchmaking.

The beginning of season 11 was not particularly good for mid-lane mages. The mage Mythic Items felt quite underwhelming, with the exception of Liandry’s Anguish till it got nerfed in subsequent patches.

To make mid-lane picks like Ryze, Syndra and Twisted Fate viable again, the League of Legends devs provided Everfrost with a significant number of buffs in patch 11.4.

However, many feel that Riot went a bit overboard with the buffs, as Everfrost soon became a standard staple, with both pros and average players abusing its passive whenever they desire.

Along with Everfrost, the League of Legends devs have also outlined changes that they will be looking to bring in patch 11.7.

Item changes in League of Legends patch 11.7 preview

League of Legends Item nerfs

  • Essence Reaver
  • Lord Dominik’s Regards
  • Everfrost

Everfrost will not be the only item getting a nerf in League of Legends patch 11.7. Essence Reaver will also have some of its scaling toned down, as the item has been quite oppressive in the hands of certain champions.

ADC picks like Ezreal and Xayah have been abusing the item ever since Essence Reaver got its passive reworked, and Riot will be looking to scale it down.

League of Legends Item buffs

  • Serylda’s Grudge
  • Trinity Force

Trinity Force was one of the go-to items for top lane bruiser carries like Camille and Irelia before the item overhaul in Season 11. Despite being a powerful Mythic Item, Trinity Force is being heavily overshadowed by Divine Sunderer, which offers more quality of life.

Hence, Tri Force will be receiving some buffs in patch 11.7.

League of Legends Item adjustments

  • Turbo Chemtank (less speed > more other stuff)

Turbo Chemtank, which has boosted Udyr, has been taking over games in more ways than one. The item has single-handedly made the Spirit Walker one of the most dominant picks in pro-play and standard matchmaking.


So, not only will Udyr be getting a nerf when League of Legends patch 11.7 goes live next week, but his core item will have reduced movement speed as well.

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