League of Legends players call for Viego nerfs, where he needs to “deal a percentage of the target's health to possess their corpse”

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games
Abhishek Mallick

Viego’s power level and his impact during both the early and late game have been a topic of heavy discussion in the League of Legends community

While some feel that his “middle-of-the-pack” win rate is not something that warrants a nerf, others are of the opinion that when played right, Viego can be the most oppressive team fighter in League of Legends.

Getting his resets rolling can give Viego an incredible amount of advantage during team fights. It’s one of the reasons why League of Legends players often tend to go for a Divine Sundered build on him, rather than a more damaging Kraken Slayer-Blade of the Ruined King one, as Viego’s teammates can get his resets for him.


Hence, even if he falls drastically behind in the lane, with the right possession, he can literally take over fights in the blink of an eye.

His low-risk high-reward playstyle is what makes him so popular in pro-play and solo-queue. And many in the community have started to feel that Viego indeed is very overturned at the moment.

League of Legends community calls for Viego nerfs

In a recent Reddit post, the League of Legends player who goes by the handle brahansbooks99, suggests quite an interesting idea that Riot could look into to help balance Viego.

The Redditor suggests,

“The main issue is that Viego isn't forced to invest that much into damage when his team can get his resets for him, which allows him to build tanky, i.e. Divine Sunderer, Steraks, and Randuins. His viability probably lies in the fact that he's a tanky reset character, which doesn't really work in this game. Powerful reset mechanics are supposed to reward decisiveness and good reaction to not be totally obnoxious to deal with.”

Hence, by introducing a damage threshold that he “needs to deal to possess”, some of the major issues around his kit get solved.

This forces League of Legends players to build more damage, thereby going into items like Kraken Slayer and Blade of the Ruined King, which in turn raises Viego’s risk factor. Moreover, the Viego player will need to be more active in the team fight to make full use of his passive.

The Redditor continues by saying,

“If a 30% max health damage requirement for reset is too significant of a nerf, they could round his kit out in other ways. I don't think a reset mechanic of this consequence should be treated like Katarina's or Master Yi's. Additional changes could be applied to his Q, such as lowering the base damage in the later ranks of the spell in favor for enhancing on hit damage in the passive, or factoring crit in considerably more to enhance the flat damage.”

Viego has indeed been a challenge to deal with in many League of Legends ranked tiers, and a possible change to his kit might

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