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League of Legends: Top picks for each role in Season 10 patch 10.1

Published Jan 09, 2020
Jan 09, 2020 IST


With patch 10.1 out on all of the League of Legends servers, Summoner's rift has gone through a subsequent meta change yet again.

With buffs, nerfs, item changes, and the release of the new champion Sett, every role in the game now has one champion that is clearly outclassing the others. While Sett is still quite new and many of the analysts are still unsure as to how he is going to play into various matchups.

There have been quite a few champion picks, ones that have been smashing the solo queue in League of Legends season 10. On that note, here are the most notable champions in patch 10.1, who can be vital as the top picks.

#1 Top Lane: Mordekaiser

Mordekaiser has been on the permaban / permapick list in the ranked solo queue for some time now. The new pre-season Conqueror changes have significantly buffed his kill pressure not just during the laning phase but also during team fights. 


The rune does an exceptional job in synergizing with the rest of his kit and makes him kind of a raid boss during mid to late game. His ultimate can literally turn the tides of the battle, and can either turn a 2v1 gank situation to his favor or zone out the opponent ADC during a team fight.

#2 Jungle: Olaf

When it comes to dominating the early game, not many picks can compete with the high damage and clear speed that Olaf brings to the jungle. His kit, along with the runes Conqueror or even Predator, helps him to force fights, engage, gank, and threaten objectives from the get-go.

If you wish to main him, it's very important to learn about matchups and have a solid grasp of his abilities, as Olaf tends to fall off significantly the later the game goes. He can snowball very hard till the mid-game and help your team secure the drakes and other objectives quite easily.

#3 Midlane: Diana

Following the changes made to her kit, Diana has slowly risen in popularity as not just a fun mid lane pick, but also as a highly reliable assassin that can 0 to 100 the ADC in the blink of an eye.


Her combination of tankiness, damage, and backline access make her a very potent mid laner even for the competitive scene. Her new ultimate can be used in a variety of ways and has enough versatility to offer more room for skill expression and allow proficient players to style on their opponents with.

#4 ADC: Senna


No surprises here, really. Ever since her debut on the rift, Senna has been an incredibly popular pick among professionals, high-elo players and even low-elo players. She is a utility carry that can be flexed between both the marksman and the support role, rather effectively.

But with her high damage output and infinite scaling passive, she thrives more as a marksman than she does as support. Her long-range poke, CC and utility mean that she is quite easy to pick up but very hard to master. 

Because of her versatile playstyle, you will be able to constantly improve on your game, and learn something new each time.

#5 Support: Zyra

The new support meta in League of Legends season 10 is all about aggression, and Zyra has grown to be one of the best picks because of it. Her engage, disengage, and long ability casting range makes her a great counter pick to hard engage supports like Nautilus and Leona. 

Moreover, as mage support, Zyra is capable of taking over the carry role for her team, much like Brand and Veigar support. But she does it more successful, and many players tend to underestimate her burst potential early on in the game. 

With just Liandry's Torment alone, Zyra is able to deal a lot of damage, even if she falls behind early on.


With the Season 10 ranked season right around the corner, the meta seems to have found some sort of stability when it comes to picking the dominant champions for each role. 

But just because the champions in our guide today are a go-to pick for the current patch, doesn't mean that you shouldn't play what you like and think are fun. If you want to flex your fingers with some Top Lane Teemo action, then be our guest.

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