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League of Legends Worlds 2019: DAMWON win their first game of Play-in

29   //    05 Oct 2019, 06:00 IST

DAMWON defeated Royal Youth
DAMWON defeated Royal Youth

League of Legends Worlds 2019 is currently underway with the Play-in stage in Berlin. Day 2 of the competition featured teams from Group C and Group D battling out for the top spot in their respective pools.

LCK representative DAMWON Gaming faced TCL representative Royal Youth in the first match of the day and here is the recap of the game.

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Damwon Gaming vs Royal Youth

This the first time in Worlds history that an LCK team has had to go through the Play-in stage. DAMWON Gaming are one of the strongest teams in the tournament, let alone the Play-in stage. This was visible when DAMWON Gaming dismantled Royal Youth in the first game of the group stages.

DAMWON drafted to their strengths as both Jang 'Nuguri' Ha-gwon and Heo 'ShowMaker' Su picked strong carries in the form of Vladimir and Leblanc. Royal Youth started the game strong with their bot lane Na 'Pilot' Woo-hyung and Barış 'Tolerant' Çepnioğlu doing exceptionally well in the laning phase.

They picked up some kills with the help of their jungler Can 'Closer' Çelik, who played aggressively on Qiyana. However, both Nuguri and ShowMaker excelled in their matchups and this was enough to carry the DAMWON squad over the line.

Despite the strong performance from DAMWON Gaming, there are some glaring weaknesses in the squad. DAMWON bot lane struggled heavily and strong teams can exploit this. DAMWON needs to work on its bot lane if the side looks to compete with the best teams in the tournament.

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Key Stats:

Game time- 34:33


Kill count- 12 (RYL) - 17 (DG)

Gold earned- 56.1k (RYL) - 68.5k(DG)

MVP - Jang 'Nuguri' Ha-gwon

MVP KDA - 4/0/6

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