League of Legends Worlds 2019: Fnatic crash out against FunPlus Phoenix in quarter-finals

FPX advance to the semi-finals
FPX advance to the semi-finals

League of Legends Worlds 2019 is underway with the quarter-finals being held in Madrid. The LPL representatives FunPlus Phoenix faced the LEC representatives in the second series of the day. FunPlus Phoenix had a rough group stage but was the clear better team in the quarter-finals. The LPL team defeated Fnatic 3-1 and will now play in semi-finals against Invictus Gaming.

Here is a rundown of the entire series played between FunPlus Phoenix and Fnatic-

Game 1

Fnatic opted for their tried and tested Garen/Yuumi composition in the first game of the series. They also drafted Rengar for Bwipo in the top lane, whereas FunPlus Phoenix went with a standard draft. Bwipo secured the first blood. FunPlus Phoenix responded with two quick kills in the bot lane. FunPlus Phoenix snowballed the early game and Fnatic could not make a comeback in the game. Tian had a fantastic performance on Olaf along Doinb in the mid lane.

Game 2

A failed bot lane dive attempt in the bot lane from the Fnatic allowed FunPlus Phoenix to secure multiple kills. FunPlus Phoenix gained a massive lead in the early game and this snowballed into an early lead. LWX was the bright star for the FunPlus Phoenix squad as he ended the game with a KDA of 11/0/6 on Varus. Fnatic was trailing from the beginning while FunPlus Phoenix players were flawless in team fights.

Game 3

Fnatic changed their draft for game three as they opted for Veigar in the mid lane fo Nemesis. This pick already bought them success in the group stage when they defeated SK Telecom. This time around with a superior team fighting, Fnatic pushed for objectives. Rekkles was instrumental for the Fnatic side as his Kai’sa allowed Fnatic to win game three.

Game 4

Doinb was the center of attraction in game four of the series. He was instrumental on Ryze as his solo advantage allowed FunPlus Phoenix to thrive in the early game. FunPlux Phoenix held the lead for the entire game and it never felt like Fnatic was in control of the game. After a clean team fight victory in the base of Fnatic, FunPlus Phoenix closed the game winning the series 3-1.

Edited by A. Ayush Chatterjee
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