"Leave her alone": BruceDropEmOff defends Pokimane after hearing about Jidionprime's suspension

Twitch streamer BruceDropEmOff gives his take on the harassment claims from Pokimane against Jidionprime (Image via Sportskeeda)
Twitch streamer BruceDropEmOff gives his take on the harassment claims from Pokimane against Jidionprime (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Twitch streamer Bruce "BruceDropEmOff" Ray recently came in support of fellow streamer Imane "Pokimane" Anys after she was trolled and pestered by Jidionprime's community on stream earlier today.

He later gave his take on Jidionprime's 14-day suspension after the latter tried to instigate his chat to troll Pokimane's viewers through whispers and messages.

"Leave her alone."

Disclaimer: The following clips contain extensive use of profanity.

BruceDropEmOff reacts to Jidionprime's 14-day suspension from Twitch for trolling Pokimane

During a recent Modern Warfare stream, BruceDropEmOff's chat asked him about his take on the controversy surrounding Jidionprime and Pokimane. Earlier today, Jidionprime sent troll messages such as "L+Ratio" along with his chat after realizing that he had more concurrent viewers on the platform than the OfflineTV member.

However, things took a turn for the worse after the Jidionprime's viewers attacked Imane's fans by sending them vile messages through whispers. Eventually, this caused the streamer to end her stream abruptly.

After she posted about her qualms on Twitter, more members harassed her for the comments she made. This led to her going private on the social media platform.

At the 04:29:45 mark of his recent VOD, Bruce was confused as to why people were harassing her on social media and Twitch as she didn't warrant getting trolled by anyone. The streamer remarked:

"Why people coming at Pokimane bro, what did she do? She didn't do nothing."
It’s bigger then black and white

Later on, BruceDropEmOff was even notified of Jidionprime's quick suspension from Twitch after he caused mayhem with his trolling on the streaming platform.

Utterly baffled at the situation, BruceDropEmOff stated:

"Damn, that was f***ing fast, probably because they was f***ing harassing Poki. What the f***, they should have not f***ing harassed her."

Fans and streamers chime in on the controversy

Many Twitch fans and streamers have also expressed similar views on the situation after Jidionprime and his community brutally trolled Imane on social media.

Sad how Pokimane still has to deal with misogyny and harassment in 2022. And It's even more sad how I have to say this publicly because people are afraid to stand up and say she's being treated poorly because they'll be called a "simp"
jidion and his community of misogynistic fanboys are stupid and should honestly be banned from the internet

Currently, it seems like Imane will be off social media, especially Twitter, for a while. However, fans are worried that this might cause the popular streamer to take a break from Twitch after everything she had to endure today, and it remains to be seen if she will return soon.

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