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Legends of Runeterra: Teemo’s Bizzare Adventures Deck Guide

Modified 21 Feb 2020
Teemo's Bizzare Adventures is a much more balanced deck composition

Teemo Decks are very fun to play but very frustrating to play against. 

But, even with all of its advantages, Teemo compositions are not exactly meta and they often lose more than they win.

The reason behind their underwhelming win rate is that the gameplay of these decks primarily revolve around keeping Teemo alive. And with so many removal spells in Legends of Runetera, that’s something easier said than done.

If your Teemos die, or if you’re not able to draw a Teemo in time, due to bad rng, your chances of winning go down significantly. 

So, how to make a Teemo deck without letting Teemo be the only win condition?

Well, mix him up with some of the Shadow Isles cards, and make a control+revival deck that has a lot of defense as well as offensive options.

The idea behind it

The complete composition
The complete composition

Teemo decks are often about surviving till the late game, where your opponents slowly poison themselves to death by drawing cards. This deck is more or less the same but has more defensive options than those Teemo decks which mix Piltover and Zaun with Ionia. 

Cards like the Scribe of Sorrows and Chronicler of Ruin will help revive your fallen cards or even duplicate the Chum Whumps that will help you to generate a lot of mushrooms without having to rely on Teemo.

Puff caps can bring the cost of Plaza Guardian down to zero
Puff caps can bring the cost of Plaza Guardian down to zero

The removal spells will help you control the board against early game decks like the Dawnspider and the Elusive, while late-game cards like Commander Ledros and Plaza Guardian will help you finish off your opponent if the shrooms haven’t done it already.


Though this Teemo deck is a bit more balanced than the others, it still struggles to achieve much against Frostbite control decks and compositions that champion cards with the challenger keyword.

Published 21 Feb 2020, 12:52 IST
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