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Legends of Runeterra: The “For Demacia” Deck Guide

Modified 17 Feb 2020
Demacia combines very well with FrljordA basic Demacia+Frjlord deck composition basic Deck comp (screenshot taken from Mobalytics, uploaded by swimstrim)

In the League of Legends’ card-based game Legends of Runeterra, the Demacia and Freljord cards possess some of the hardest hitting units in the game. 

These two decks possess amazing late-game potential and can decimate the opponents with high-value followers who are very hard to counter. Though individually, these two regions may not boast a lot of balance, but when combined together, they complement each other rather well.

Each region fills in for the other’s weakness, making them a strong choice against control and Ionia-heavy decks.

The Idea Behind it

Early game

Much like with a standard Teemo deck, the early game of this Demacia+Freljord compositions is all about surviving till the mid to late game point.

Laurent Protege is very important in surviving the early game
Laurent Protege is very important in surviving the early game

And this is why early challenger units like FleetFeather Trackers come so very handy. They, along with the Laurent Protege will help protect your nexus early on, and even deal with those pesky elusive units.

Mid Game

With Garen in the deck, this composition starts to shine from mid-game onwards. It has a lot of powerful 4 and 5 mana cards that can take over the game in a flash. WIth the Elnuks and the Radiant Guardian card, you will get incredible attack and sustain and out trade your opponent during both your attack and defense turns. 

Late Game

It's incredibly hard to kill Tryndamere

By the late game, this deck truly becomes invincible. Tryndamere is one of the best champion cards for finishing off the enemy nexus because of his level up and overwhelm passive.


The Demacia+Freljord deck doesn’t do all that well against high agro compositions like the Dawnspiders

As survival in the early stages is key here, the early Challenger units and Avalanche spells are crucial. However, they will only be able to help you till a certain point against the Dawnspider deck.

Published 13 Feb 2020, 12:44 IST
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