Lesser Lord Kusanali in Genshin Impact: Has the next Dendro Archon been revealed?

The Lesser Lord Kusanali is an important deity in Sumeru (Image via Genshin Impact )
The Lesser Lord Kusanali is an important deity in Sumeru (Image via Genshin Impact )

Genshin Impact has a strong focus on its lore and storyline, and continues to add to it with each update. Thanks to some exposition by Yae Miko in the latest quests, players now know a bit more about the upcoming story of Sumeru. This region will be the next destination for gamers.

The land of Sumeru is expected to arrive next year. Apart from that, this lore has revealed the God of Sumeru: Lesser Lord Kusanali.

Genshin Impact: Lesser Lord Kusanali revealed


Lesser Lord Kusanali is a deity in Sumeru who is worshiped by many. Lesser Lord is a term of endearment given to the god by her worshippers, and although not much is known about Sumeru or its Archon, speculation can arise from this information.

It is possible that Kusanali will be the Dendro Archon, as they are a God that is worshiped by many in Sumeru. They also have an entire festival dedicated to them.

The Sabzeruz Festival in Sumeru commemorates the birth of Lesser Lord Kusanali, who seems to still be popular among her followers. She is the youngest of all of the Archons.

According to characters like Zhongli and Ganyu, she would have only been born around 500 years ago. This is insanely young compared to an Archon like Zhongli or Venti, both of whom are thousands of years old.

Kusanali would have taken power after the former God of the Woods perished in Khaen'riah during a cataclysmic event. This was likely the fall of the region due to its destruction by Celestia.

After the last Archon died during this disaster, Kusanali would have ascended to the role if she truly is the God of Wisdom.

Why Kusanali may be the Dendro Archon

Many players have raised doubts about whether Kusanali is truly the God of Wisdom or not, as there are some pieces that didn't fit. Yae did not specifically refer to Kusanali as an Archon, and the Dendro Archon had previously been specified to be a male by characters like Ganyu.

However, it appears that the patch notes of Genshin Impact intended to correct this mistake as all of the previous references to Kusanali have been modified to have female pronouns.

Suspiciously, this also applies to descriptions of the Dendro Archon as well. It now has female pronouns which may indicate that Kusanali is the true God of Wisdom.

Why Kusanali may not be the Dendro Archon

There are still many players who believe that Kusanali is simply one of the gods in Sumeru, and not the actual Dendro Archon. This is due to Kusanali being referred to as the God of Flowers and not the God of Wisdom, though this may be a similar situation to Venti's multiple titles as the God of Freedom and the God of Wind.

The translation for the Khaen'rian text under Sumeru's chapter title reads "The Light of Wisdom under the Flowers," which may indicate that Kusanali isn't the main focus of the region. Only time will tell what Kusanali's true role in Genshin Impact will be.

Genshin Impact is planned to continue for several more years, and the story gets deeper and deeper with each passing update.

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