Lightweight Installation Function in PUBG Mobile: Game's file size reduced to 610 MB

Image via PUBG Mobile
Image via PUBG Mobile

With the rise of the battle royale genre on the mobile platform, games like PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile, and Free Fire have become the forerunners in this genre. Since its release, PUBG Mobile has grown immensely, which can be credited to the regular updates that the developers bring into the game.

The recent 1.1 update hit the servers a few days ago and brought several intriguing features like the Metro Royale mode. Moreover, the Lightweight Installation Function has reduced the file size to 610 MB, and this article looks at this feature.

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Discussing the Lightweight Installation Function in PUBG Mobile

The file size of PUBG Mobile has been reduced to around 600 MB courtesy of this feature. Its introduction enables players to minimize the storage size and choose only the required resources.

The developers have prepared two sets of resource packs:

Low-spec resource pack (329.9 MB):

“Apply the low-spec version of all graphic resources. Resources are downloaded quickly and the game runs more smoothly.”

HD Resource Pack (583.2MB)

“Apply the HD version of all graphic resources. Superior performance and effects, providing the best experience.”
Image via PUBG Mobile / YouTube
Image via PUBG Mobile / YouTube

By default, users will only have the Erangel map downloaded and have an option to download the others. The developers have added the ‘Download’ option in the in-game settings, where users can download and delete the required resource packs.

There are a few rewards that gamers can receive for downloading specific resource packs. This feature would come in handy in managing the storage as many players face issues with space on their devices.

Users can check out the following video by PUBG Mobile to get a detailed insight about the Lightweight Installation Function in the game:


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