List of countries where PUBG Mobile is still banned in December 2020

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With the rise of mobile gaming in the past few years, the battle royale titles, including the likes of PUBG Mobile, have emerged to be the front runners. Since its inception, the title has attracted the masses worldwide.

In a significant move, the title was axed by the Government of India in early September. Since then, fans have been waiting for the game's comeback in the country. However, India isn’t the only country that has banned the renowned BR title.

This article takes a look at the list of countries where PUBG Mobile is still banned.

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List of countries where PUBG Mobile is still banned

#1 China

The Chinese authorities had banned PUBG Mobile as the game promoted "blood and gore."

However, in 2019, Tencent Games announced that they no longer wished to publish the game in China and released the title under a new name – "Game for Peace," which met all the restrictions set by the authorities.

#2 India

As mentioned earlier, the Government of India had banned the game under Section 69A due to security and privacy reasons. However, there have been several developments about the game’s return in the country, with PUBG Corporation announcing a special Indian version.

Recently, PUBG India has also been registered as a company with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

#3 Jordan

A few months after the Iraq government laid a ban, Jordan’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority had decided to ban PUBG Mobile. The authorities stated that the BR title had adverse effects on its users.

Countries where the game PUBG Mobile was temporarily suspended

Earlier, the game was also temporarily suspended in multiple countries.

#1 Pakistan

PUBG Mobile was also earlier banned in Pakistan in July 2020. The authorities stated that the game was addictive, a wastage of time, and possessed a serious negative impact on the children's physical and psychological health. However, the ban was uplifted in the same month.

#2 Nepal

The title also faced a suspension in Nepal back in April 2019. Nepal Telecommunications Authority had cited that the game had a negative impact on the youth's health. However, the ban was overturned by the Supreme Court of Nepal.

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