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LOL: Aphelios to get more nerfs and an off-hand weapon indicator in patch 10.4

Modified 08 Feb 2020, 13:40 IST

Aphelios' dominance will take a hit in patch 10.4

In the current League of Legends meta, Aphelios is one of the strongest AD carries in the game and is also one of the hardest champions to play against in any stage of the game. 

He has an extensive kit, which is difficult to keep track of during team fights as he constantly switches between his primary and off-hand weapons. Until now, opponents had no way of telling what Aphelios’ off-hand weapon would be at a particular point in the game unless he took it out himself and kept swapping between the two guns.

However, in 10.4, Riot Games is set to change that. They’re going to provide Aphelios’ health bar, an indicator that will show the marksman’s off-hand gun. This will add a lot of clarity while playing against him, and teams will have an easier time countering him in late-game team fights. 

But just putting an indicator is not going to solve the problems that players generally have when facing Aphelios. His high DPS and utility are to be feared, and he can single-handedly turn a team fight around and solo carry games. 

Not only does he have the highest pick and ban rate in solo queue, but he also has a dominant presence in pro play. And Riot is slowly chipping down on his overall strength patch by patch.

In 10.3, the attack range of his Calibrum was capped to 1,800 units, which previously had no limit to its range. And now in 10.4, not only is he going to be getting an indicator, but the range on his ultimate will be reduced as well. It will have more contrasting colors so that players can have an easier time guessing which ultimate effect it’s going to be.

The indicator changes will be live on 20 February, when patch 10.4 is said to be released. 

Published 08 Feb 2020, 13:40 IST
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