Lost Ark becomes the fifth game to cross 1 million concurrent players on Steam

Lost Ark hits a new record (Image via Smilegate RPG)
Lost Ark hits a new record (Image via Smilegate RPG)

It has barely been a 24-hour completion since Lost Ark made its full debut for all the players in the Western world, and the game has already reached massive heights.

Amazon Games has brought the massive MMORPG to all the players in Europe and the Americas after it was restricted to only a few places for a long time. The game inherits a lot of things from successful games in its genres but has several unique stuff of its own. Lost Ark became available for early access before going for full release on February 11.

Despite the game being unavailable across significant areas, the reception for the game has been massive. If success is quantified, Lost Ark has entered a very elite group of games earlier today.

Lost Ark has seen more than a million concurrent users since its launch

Concurrent players are the total number of players playing a game simultaneously at a given time. While the data isn't available on all platforms, there is a regular data tracker for Steam. Lost Ark hit a new milestone earlier in the day when its concurrent player count went past a million active concurrent players.

This is excellent news for a game that has just been a bit more than 24 hours on the offering. In addition, this makes the game the fifth game ever to record more than one million concurrent players on Steam. But what's impressive is the fact that all the other names to have got this distinction were available to a greater audience.

It will, of course, be interesting to see how the game progresses from here. While this is just the beginning, MMORPGs require timely content and rewards to keep players engaged with the game for a sustainable period of time. So far, the start has been bright, but it will be interesting to see what more is to come in the game.

While the player count is desirable, one thing to not forget is that Lost Ark isn't available across significant areas. There are no servers available for Australia, SEA, or the Middle East and there haven't been any indications regarding this. But if the game does come to these regions, it will be even better for the fans.

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