Lost Ark gameplay guide: What is Knowledge Transfer and how to get one

Knowledge Transfer is an excellent item to use in the game (Image via Smilegate RPG)
Knowledge Transfer is an excellent item to use in the game (Image via Smilegate RPG)
Arka "Biasedguy" Sarkar

Lost Ark has been a successful release as the western servers opened to the public on February 11.

This is the first time a more-extensive audience has had access to the popular MMORPG, which was earlier restricted to a limited audience. The game's success comes from the several things players get to do and how they can customize the game. For example, players can play in different and advanced classes like they want to.


But the classes and characters also add to their sense of complexities. Leveling up characters and accounts can be pretty tedious, and it may feel okay to do it only once.

But with the ability to have multiple characters and accounts, players naturally want to try different experiences. While leveling up each character can take a lot of time in other games, Lost Ark makes it easy with the Knowledge Transfer feature.

Knowledge Transfer helps Lost Ark players to level up alternate accounts quickly

There are several mechanisms in Lost Ark that help players save the extra grind. Powerpasses enable a player to have three end-game characters by completing the main story. Knowledge Transfer is a handy concept that helps players transfer their experience from their primary account to an alternate account.

Knowledge Transfers can be acquired for 600 in-game gold. Once that's done, the character of the secondary account will be sent to the training to get all the experience and quest items of the primary account.

Players will need to wait eight hours for the transfer to be completed. They can play with the characters if they want, but unless the eight hours are over, they won't be able to bring the character up to the same level as the one from where they're transferring.


Hence, acquiring and using a Knowledge Transfer is quite simple and easy. Once the transfer is complete, players will have their alternate accounts at the same level as their primary. Through this method, they would also avoid the hassle of going through the main storyline once again.

However, there are a few restrictions before a player can acquire and use a Knowledge Transfer in the game:

  • The main quest of the continent the player is on must be completed with one character.
  • The character must be at the requisite level cap.
  • The player must have access to the training area in the island's Stronghold.

While buying and utilizing a Knowledge Transfer is easy, every Lost Ark must maintain the above conditions first.

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