Ludwig releases hilarious new video to announce his move to YouTube Gaming

Ludwig announces historic decision of moving to YouTube Gaming (Image via YouTube/Ludwig)
Ludwig announces historic decision of moving to YouTube Gaming (Image via YouTube/Ludwig)

Ludwig Ahgren has thrown in the towel for now with Amazon-owned platform Twitch, and will be making the move to YouTube Gaming for at least a year.

His monumental decision was announced on November 29, 2021, following his appearance on Matthew "Mizkif" Rinaudo's Twitch web show Parasocial. Ludwig is one of the many high-profile content creators that have been shifting platforms from Twitch to YouTube as of late.

Ludwig to stream exclusively on YouTube Gaming from November 30

Ludwig Ahgren has finally made the decision to move over to YouTube Gaming, a risk that many large content creators have been taking.

The content mogul announced his decision on Twitter with a hilarious two-minute cinematic.

Ludwig is seen conversing with his manager and roommate Anthony "Slime" Brune about various topics, while seated in a purple car. The color is used to signify Twitch as it is largely associated with the Amazon-owned platform in streaming circles.

Half-way into the video, the two get out of the car and walk over to the middle of a parking lot. As they continue engaging in conversation, their purple car (which can be seen in the background) suddenly explodes.

The camera then pans to a red car, which Slime comments as being "pretty much the same one" (in comparison to the purple car). Ludwig agrees, stating that it's just a "different color". The two agree to take it home and music begins to play as they drive off, prompting Slime to ask:

"Wait, don't you get in trouble for playing music?"

Ludwig responds with a smugness in his tone:

"Not in this car, not in this car."

This is a reference to Twitch DMCA-striking content creators who play copyrighted music in their stream. Often, even the smallest slip-up can result in an unintended strike. Back in 2020, hundreds of streamers were suddenly hit with DMCA takedown notices, including on videos that they had deleted.

Supposedly, YouTube's rules are more relaxed by comparison. However, things could always change at any time, so fans anxiously wait for Ludwig's first stream on the platform.

Ludwig's move to YouTube Gaming will be a huge game-changer for streamers on YouTube.

The content creator has enlisted the help of his friend Otto to create an extension that would help ease streamers' transition from Twitch to YouTube. It would do so by merging subscriber statistics, allowing name changes and employing Twitch emotes on YouTube.

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