M249 gun in PUBG Mobile: All you need to know

All you need to know about M249 in PUBG Mobile (Picture Courtesy: PUBG MOBILE/YT)
All you need to know about M249 in PUBG Mobile (Picture Courtesy: PUBG MOBILE/YT)

PUBG Mobile is very popular for the variety of guns the game provides to its players. These guns come handy to kill enemies and win the chicken dinner. It, however, depends upon how the players use the weapons that are available to them.

Light Machine Guns (LMG) is one of the most underrated guns in the game since the players usually prefer to use an assault rifle.

There are currently only two LMG's available in the game - DP28 and M249.


M249 in PUBG Mobile(Picture Courtesy:
M249 in PUBG Mobile(Picture Courtesy:

M249 is an LMG that can be found only in supply airdrops. The gun has a base damage of 45 that makes it a perfect pick. It has a reasonable fire rate.

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It uses 5.56 ammunition and has a magazine size of 100. The only attachment that can be equipped with the M249 is a sight. M249 shoots only on automatic mode. The gun is quite efficient in providing cover fire and shooting at the vehicles.

Tips for using M249 in PUBG Mobile

#1 Reduce the gun recoil by using a bipod.

The players can minimize the recoil of M249 in the prone position. This enables the bipod. However, the players must be at a safe spot while doing the same.

#2 Reloading at a safe spot

Due to its large ammo capacity, the player will not find themselves in a situation to reload frequently. However, if they are caught in such circumstances, it is quite better to switch the gun if available or hide at a safe spot while reloading it. The downside of M249 is high reloading time.

#3 Carrying a secondary weapon with a faster reload time

It makes more sense to pick a weapon with lower reload time with M249 due to the fact that it has a reload time of close to 7 seconds.

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