"Ma, what if I told you I won $100,000": Twitch streamer shares an emotional moment with his mother during live stream

Image Credits via BabyCappah/
Image Credits via BabyCappah/

Recently, a small Twitch streamer shared a wholesome moment with his mother during a live stream and left a huge impact on his viewers.

The streamer in question is 22-year-old BabyCappah, who was recently crowned the winner of Luminosity Gaming's $100,000 competition called 'Rising Stars'.

Presented in a reality show format and spreading over nearly a month and a half, Rising Stars involved 40 contestants battling it out for top honors, i.e, an eye-watering $100,000 Luminosity Gaming sponsorship!

In the clip above, an ecstatic BabyCappah can be heard exclaiming "My life just changed," as the likes of xQc and Muselk watch on in delight.

The monumental achievement proved to be all the more significant for him as he went on to reveal that he had lost his job while he was busy pursuing his dream of joining Luminosity Gaming as a Twitch streamer:

However, the ultimate highlight of the day came when BabyCappah decided to ring up his mother on live stream and proceeded to convey the good news to her, which resulted in a heartfelt, emotional conversation:

Twitch streamer's conversation with his mother wins hearts online

Before his career-changing victory, BabyCappah was just another small Twitch streamer with around 1K followers on the Amazon-owned platform.

Hailing from Chicago, he is known to stream Call of Duty. He often participates in interactive streams with viewers via Twitch's Just Chatting feature.

His recent victory at the Rising Stars Twitch competition means that he is now officially a member of Luminosity Gaming, a development which he eagerly shared with his mother on a live stream.

He begins by reminiscing about his early days of gaming:

"Do you remember when you got me a Nintendo Wii? And then I started crying and you went back and got me an Xbox 360? "

He then gets straight to the point and breaks the good news to his mother:

"Ma, how would you feel if I told you that I could possibly like, change this family life for generations ?
What if I told you that I'm basically under an organization and just won a tournament recently....what if I told you right now, I won a hundred thousand dollars?"

As his mother struggles to come to terms with the news, she simply replies:

"I would say, God is this true?"

From discussing his early days of struggle to being overwhelmed by his latest achievement, BabyCappah's heartfelt moment with his mother proved to be a rare, wholesome moment, which ended up winning over the internet:

Edited by Abhishek Singh
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