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Manamune and Essence Reaver nerfs hit the PBE, might affect Ezreal the most in League of Legends patch 11.5

The League of Legends patch 11.5 PBE cycle has begun (Image via Riot Games)
Modified 19 Feb 2021

With League of Legends patch 11.4 going live a few days ago, it’s time that Riot Games starts testing future updates in the PBE server.

The PBE servers are the testing grounds where the League of Legends devs try out some of the new changes they hope to implement in the next patch. It’s crucial in helping the MOBA maintain its competitive fairness and keep bugs and game crashes at a minimum when the new patch finally goes live.

And with the League of Legends patch 11.5 PBE cycle, it seems that Riot has already started to implement a lot of changes. But the tweaks that really stand out are the changes that the devs are planning to make to Essence Reaver and Manamune.

Both of these mana-granting weapons will receive significant nerfs, preventing them from being as oppressive as before

Manamune and Essence Reaver changes in League of Legends’ PBE server

Manamune and Essence Reaver have been core components of Ezreal’s build for some time now.

After the introduction of the Mythic Item in League of Legends patch 10.23, Ezreal players have had three core combinations to their build based on the situation and the matchup:

  • Manamune + Trinity Force
  • Manamune + Divine Sundere
  • Duskblade + Essence Reaver

Hitting both Essence Reaver and Manamune at the same time will hurt Ezreal’s build no matter which path he is looking to go down.

Currently, in the League of Legends PBE, according to Surrender@20, Manamune has its cost increased by 100 gold, and it is now 3,000 instead of 2,900. Moreover, the combined price will also be jumping from 1,050 to 1,150.

The damage and scaling are still there in the item; however, it will take Ezreal mains a bit more time to build it.

On the other hand, Essence Reaver will boast ten less damage and will have 45 AD instead of the previous 55. Both these changes will hurt Ezreal’s impact on the game quite significantly.

Moreover, there might be some quality of life upgrades for support items such as Shard of True Ice and Black Mist Scythe, too, in the upcoming League of Legends patch. As currently in the PBE, both of them allow players to place wards 300 range further.

League of Legends patch 11.5 will go live sometime in the first week of March.

Published 19 Feb 2021, 12:55 IST
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