Marshmello and Major Lazer to return in Fortnite Season 6, suggest new leaks

Image via Fortnite
Image via Fortnite

A Fortnite Season 6 leaker claims that Marshmello and Major Lazer will return to Fortnite.

Since Marshmello and DJ Major Lazer's skins have been updated in the game files, ImpulseZR believes that they will be returning. Fortnite does not usually release older skins and these skins were part of exclusive timed events. There is also the issue that these skins wouldn't sell very well because they would lose their rare status.

Fortnite skins are updated all the time because players still use older skins. Updates to the Marshmello and DJ Major Lazer skins could be more of a maintenance situation than a leak. If the skins aren't updated, then they aren't Fortnite updates.

The truth of this leak is unknown, but many other leakers are starting to chime in about it. According to many, it could happen as soon as the next update.

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The Marshmallow and Major Lazer skins were popular long before Fortnite Season 6

Fortnite gave famous EDM star Marshmello his own concert at Pleasant Park in Season 7. The concert was attended by millions of players, along with Marshmello himself hyping the audience with his live calls for a dancing emote. This concert was both revolutionary and mindblowing at the time.

Since then, there have been other live events, including Travis Scott's Astronomical concert. However, a notable event was when DJ Major Lazer performed at The Party Hub and even released cosmetics. These few skins became OG Skins, and players were able to brag about having them.

Having these two skins in the item shop will remove their rarity and many players will lose bragging rights. Some skins are used just because not many people have them, making older and uglier skins more popular. By releasing the Marshmello and DJ Major Lazer skins to the item shop, Fortnite Season 6 will take away one of the main reasons why these skins are so popular.

Fans who were not around at the time will be able to get the skin. However, many older fans might feel that their long-term support will not matter if they lose a symbol of how they supported Fortnite from the start.

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