Massive Janna updates to hit League of Legends PBE to make her more viable in season 12

Extensive Janna updates will hit the League of Legends PBE (Image via League of Legends)
Extensive Janna updates will hit the League of Legends PBE (Image via League of Legends)

Janna will get quite a bit of quality-of-life updates in League of Legends patch 12.2 as Riot Games will look to make her more viable as a support in the new season.

Next week’s patch is gearing up to be quite big as lots of champion updates are on the cards. Both Janna and Tahm Kench will receive massive tweaks to their kits as the developers want to improve their pick rates in the support role.

New Janna list for 12.2 heading to PBE!-Empowering your shield with CC was missed, so we're retaining a version of it.-Janna players didn't seem to care about damage in Q, so we cut the damage buff to add power elsewhere-Added a couple QoL changes

In recent seasons, Janna had one of the lowest pick rates out of all the support champions in the game. And in a recent tweet, Riot August, Principal Character Designer of League of Legends, talked about how they are looking into empowering the Storm’s Fury in the new competitive season.

The tweet outlines extensive changes to her kit, and from the looks of it, the Janna updates to hit the League of Legends PBE test server will not be straight-up buffs. She will receive extensive tweaks to all her abilities, as Riot will look to balance her entirely in the new season.

All Janna updates hitting the League of Legends PBE

Patch Preview time!Because I know y'all will be curious: We're buffing the wind brothers because they suffered substantially from the Shieldbow changes and dropped to around 47.5% winrate each, a fair bit lower than intended and lower than the other Shieldbow bound champs.

1) Buffs

  • Base Stats Move Speed: 315 >>> 330
  • AD: 46 + 1.5/lvl >>> 52 + 3/lvl

Q: Howling Gale

  • Mana Cost: 60-140 >>> 60-100
  • Min Range: 1000 >>> 1100
  • Max Range: 1750 >>> 1760
  • Travel Time: 1.5s >>> 1.25s
  • Riot will be adding an indicator that shows Janna’s team where Q will go (might not work)

2) Nerfs

  • Base Stats Attack Range: 550 >>> 500

Passive: Tailwind

  • Janna gains 8% Move Speed >>> Janna gains 8% Move Speed while moving towards allies
  • REMOVED: Janna’s attacks and W no longer deal bonus Magic Damage based on her bonus Move Speed

3) Adjustments

W: Zephyr

  • Range: 550 (Edge to Edge) >>> 650 (center to center)
  • Slow Duration: 2s >>> 3s
  • Cooldown: 8-6s >>> 12s
  • Damage: 55-175 >>> 70-190
  • Passive Move Speed: 6-10% >>> 8-12%

E: Eye of the Storm

  • Cooldown: 16-12 >>>15-9
  • Time before shield decays: .75s >>>1.25s
  • Shield amount: 80-220+.7AP >>> 80-200 (+65 AP)
  • CC'ing an enemy champion with a spell reduces E's cooldown by 20% >>> >>>Impairing an enemy champion's movement grants 20% heal and shield power for 5 seconds.

R: Monsoon

  • Healing tick rate: .5 >>>.25
  • Total healing remains the same

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