"Maybe its just water": Twitch streamer finds out what her drink is the hard way

Image via Maya, Twitch
Image via Maya, Twitch
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Twitch streamer Maya "Maya" Higa was unsure if her drink had vodka or water, finding out in the hardest possible way.

The broadcaster was streaming her interaction with another Twitch streamer, Jinnytty. Maya had earlier poured herself a drink but was not sure whether she had put in water or vodka.

While Jinnytty was quite sure that it had only vodka, Maya was quite skeptical and refused to let her colleague taste the drink to find out. Instead, she took a sip and was horrified to find that it, in truth, had only vodka!


Twitch streamer finds out what her drink is the hard way

In a recent stream, the two Twitch streamers were enjoying a few drinks. Maya had a drink that she did not remember pouring and was unsure whether it had vodka or water. Jinnytty was sure that it was alcohol and offered to taste it to find out.


However, Maya refused and said that it would be "gross" as she was the one who had poured it. By this time, Jinnytty had smelt the drink and seemed swayed due to her colleague's skepticism. She took a whiff of the glass and said that it might actually be water.

Image via Maya, Twitch
Image via Maya, Twitch

Maya then decided to take a sip and ended up spitting it out immediately, after which she went into a coughing fit. Her fellow Twitch streamer and friend was on hand to give her some advice, perhaps for the next time she was unsure what her drink contained!

"Oh, damn! Are you okay? See? You have to mix the GameFuel! Oh, are you okay?"

In the background, Maya continued to cough violently.

Image via Maya, Twitch
Image via Maya, Twitch

Both Maya and Jinnytty are famous "IRL" streamers with sizable Twitch communities, although both post regularly on YouTube. Maya is a musical artist who has 280k followers on Twitch and a further 47.5k subscribers on YouTube.

Jinnytty is an avid traveler and frequently posts streams showcasing her experiences in different parts of the world. Most of the South Korean's streams come under the "IRL" or "Just Chatting" category.

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